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CIPK- The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (C.I.P.K)

The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya, commonly known as CIPK is a faith based nonprofit and charitable organization that brings together respected Islamic Scholars, Imams and Muslim Preachers from all over the Republic of Kenya. It was conceptualized and registered in 1997 and has since grown into a strong Islamic network.

The organization is registered as a trust and has a membership of religious leaders (imams and preachers) from which it seeks its mandate. The network facilitates processes and operations aimed at representing the needs of the Muslim faithful and the Society at large.

Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya started as an idea of various Muslim leaders who realized that there was urgent need to come together and find avenues to provide a voice of relief and reason for marginalized communities and a unified voice for Muslims in particular. In the recent past the society has experienced needs and gaps that directly require interventions from various platforms including the religious/spiritual interventions.

CIPK provides a focal point in which Islamic Religious Leaders and Scholars make a vital contribution in addressing pertinent matters and issues affecting the society. It provides a forum for positive engagement, dialogue and interaction with the other existing institutions, the various other religions and the government.

CIPK continues to grow and has developed into a national umbrella organization committed to encouraging respect for the diversity of religion, culture and tribal backgrounds in Kenya and beyond. The organization has branches in Western, Eastern, North Eastern, Nyanza and part of Rift Valley with its headquarters in Mombassa, Coast Province.

Among its prime objectives, CIPK focuses on the promotion of social justice, human and basic rights, good governance and equitable socio-economic growth and development for all Kenyans.

CIPK believes that the betterment of humanity and general development will be sustainable if development initiatives encompass social, spiritual, cultural and economic dimensions.

CIPK envisions a society that enjoys fulfilled lives, harmoniously coexists by upholding respect for
Human Dignity and the Diversity of Culture and Religion.

CIPK is endeavored to sustain a Strong Network of Islamic Religious Leaders and Professionals who will foster processes that address, pursue and safeguard the Fundamental Rights of Muslims and the Community at large.

The network seeks to alleviate marginalisation and suffering through initiatives that enhance local capacities and promote community based, people driven solutions to needs and problems. It is also geared towards offering hope for all Muslims in recognition of their noble role as part of a
flinctioning stable community and to enrich their lives with dignity and fulfillment.

To empower and capacity build the Muslim community and consolidate inclusive and integrated approaches that will embrace their fundamental and constitutional rights and privileges through Dialogue, Policy influence, Advocacy and Empowerment.

Our Programs and Activities
1. Peace, Security and Development program
2. Good Governance! Civic/Voter Education-
3. Reproductive Health and Girl Child Education
4. Relief Aid Response to Disaster and Emergencies
5.Advocacy/Policy Influence !Dialogue!Engagement,
6.Rapid Response Policy Influence! Emergency!Relief Fund and Orphan Care, Imams’ welfare,
Education Scholarships
7. Human Rights and Social Justice Engagement: to protect persons or groups against any sort of
human right violations, injustice or oppression
8. Islam, Society and Culture: Propagation of Islam and Disseminating Information on Islamic
teachings on various social aspects of life to the General Society


1) Sheikh Mohammed Dor
The National Secretary General-CIPK
P.O. BOX 85l30-80l00-Mombasa
TEL: 041-2220807
FAX: 041-222 1783
FAX: 041- 2317924
Office Mobile: 0726-83 7222
Personal Mobile: 0722-410304
Email: [email protected]
Makadara Road

2) Ms. Asha Yusuf
The Project Coordinator
P.O.BOX 85130-801 00-Mombasa
TEL: 041-2317923
FAX: 041-2317924
Office Mobile: 0726-288787
Personal Mobile: 0722-3632 17
Mwembe Tayari-Omax Building
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]