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FAMILY RESOUCE CENTRE- Islamic Marriages Bureau.

Islamic Marriage Bureau at Family Resource Centre (FRC) was set up with the aim of facilitating sustainable Marriages and blissful Family life within the context of Islam. It is a Charitable Trust dealing with challenges facing the Muslim Youth, Family and Marital issue within the Islamic Community

Our History
FRC was initiated in July 2002 after concerns were raised within the Community of rising erosion of Islamic Family value and high rate of Inter Marriage between Muslims youth and non Muslim while our eligible and respectable ladies wait for suitors without success. We assist the Muslim Youth find suitable spouse of their choice according to the Sunnah of Prophet (SAW)

Our Activities

  • Facilitate the process of spouse selection
  • Offer counseling services to Muslim on Drugs and HIV/Aids
  • Pre Marital and Marital Counseling
  • Organize seminars, lectures and workshops for the purpose of educating the Ummah on Family Issues
  • Empower the youth and parents in reproductive health issue

Our Objectives

  • Identify challenges facing our Muslim Youth.
  • To Empower the youth to deal with the challenges of the modern society.
  • To facilitate spouse selection and accessibility.

Identify challenges in parenting and empower the community with knowledge and skills on parenting.

We urge all our Muslim brothers and sisters who would benefit from this centre to come forward register with us for only 300/=. We would also like to assure everyone that all information you may submit to us is treated with utmost confidentiality while promoting respect &modesty for all parties concerned.

FRC is situated at Jamia Mosque Administration Block floor.
For any information please feel free to call on us.

We are open:

  • Monday- Friday 9:00Am- 4:00Pm
  • Saturday 9.OOAm- 1:OOPm


Tel: 344129
Mobile: 0723716796

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