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The Islamic Foundation is an educational, charitable and welfare organisation. It is a non-political and non-sectarian body working for the welfare of humanity. Its purpose is to foster mutual understanding, closer co-operation and fellowship between people belonging to various religious faiths, ideologies and cultures.

The Islamic Foundation is involved in a wide range of activities ranging from producing and disseminating religious and educational literature to the running of orphanages, establishment of hospitals and clinics, madrassas, schools, vocational training centres, youth clubs, libraries, and the construction and management of mosques.

The Foundation has established and is running a number of centres in various towns of Kenya, and also plans to establish many more such centres in various towns with dire needs.

In short, the Foundation is working for the uplift of the less fortunate members of our society. A glimpse of our activities can be had by the study of the following:

Educational Projects
In view of the importance of education in nation building especially the youth, Islamic Foundation has established Islamic Institutes for Islamic Studies and schools in various parts of Kenya i.e. College of Islamic Studies, Mombasa, Al-Falah Madrassa, Wabera Primary School & Al-Falah Nursery School, Isiolo and Machakos Muslim Institute, Machakos Muslim Nursery School and Sayyidah Fatimah Girls Primary School Garbatulla.

Children Homes
Presently besides the 300 hundred students for Islamic Studies in hostels, over 400 orphaned and destitute children are looked after by the Foundation through its 3 Children Homes in Isiolo, Nyeri and Machakos. Sayyidah Fatimah Girls Children Home in Garba Tulla is in its completion stages and will cater for 300 orphan girls.

Construction of Mosques
Islamic Foundation has constructed over 70 mosques in various parts of Kenya.


  1. Translation and commentary of the meaning of the Holy Qur’an in Swahili language. “Qurani Takatifu” and in Luganda Language “Qurani Entukuvu” which are the first authentic translations.
  2. Published I.R.E. syllabus for schools and 55 different titles of Islamic books and pamphlets in Kiswahili and English.

The Foundation has established and is running a number of centres in various towns of Kenya, and also plans to establish many more such centres in various towns with dire needs.

Baraka Farm
Baraka Farm near Isiolo on 800 acres of land given by the Kenya Government is being developed for agricultural, ranching, poultry and fish farming purposes.

Irrigation project of Baraka Farm and its dam taking water by gravitation from Isiolo River is a unique project. Producing an uphill flow of about 35 feet of evincing wonder has had much interest from high Government and foreign agricultural officials.

Health Care and Welfare Activities
We also undertake carrying out the following welfare activities with much room for expansion.

Providing free medical services to the poor and destitute, humanitarian aid to refugees and the starving in famine struck areas, provision of morning and evening meals (Suhoor and Iftar) in mosques during Ramadhan, assisting poor and deserving Muslim students and providing various schools with I.R.E. teachers.


Any queries, suggestions or further information concerning The Islamic Foundation: -

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +254 (20) 4453285
Fax: +254 (20) 4453281
P.O. Box 30611 GPO, (00100) Nairobi, Kenya
Physical Address: 233 School Lane, Westlands, Nairobi.
(Near Westlands Primary School).

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