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FAMILY RESOURCE CENTRE –Islamic Marriage Bureau

Islamic Marriage Bureau at Family Resource Centre (FRC) was set up with the aim of facilitating sustainable marriages and blissful family life within the context of Islam. The Chief Kadhi, the Chairman of SUPKEM, several Imams& Sheikhs from Nairobi as well as concerned brothers and sisters came together, to look into family issues affecting the Muslim Community in Kenya. Some interesting observations came up;

  • That there were many educated, respectable and suitable young Muslim Women eligible for marriage, waiting for suitable spouses who are not forthcoming

  • That about 50% of marriages in Nairobi is between Muslims and non-Muslims or Reverts who may convert to Islam for the sake or marriage only

  • That a significant number of our marriages end up in divorce for various reasons

It was against this background that FRC was set up with the following mandate:-

  • To offer Counseling Services for spouses who have problems with their marriages as well as offer pre-marital Counseling for those planning to marry.

  • To establish a database for all prospective spouses looking for partners and assist them find suitable partners according to their specifications within the boundaries of Islam and accordance to the sunnah of our prophet (P.B.U.H),hence to promote the institution of marriage in Islam

  • To look into the factors which contribute to our social problems in the family, in the community, offer guidance to parents and educate the youth at all levels on Islamic values where their intellectual and spiritual growth, health and leisure is concerned.



Family, Marital therapy, Pre-Marital, Psychological, Stress Peer pressure, Drug Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Terminal diseases, Career guidance and Religious counseling.

Organizing workshops for the purpose of educating the umma on family issue e.g. community parenting, Youth, etc.

Organizing weekly lectures on family issues.

Spouse Matching :

Guidance, Counseling, Selection etc.

Registration for spouse selection is Kshs. 300

Counseling fee is Kshs.500.

We are situated at:

Jamia Mosque Complex
1 st Floor next to the Adminisration Block
Telephone: +254 (20) 344129
Mobile phone: +254 (723) 716796
Email: [email protected]

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