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Nairobi Muslim Academy

Nairobi Muslim Academy opened its doors on 1st January 1995 following a resolution by the Annual General meeting of Nairobi Islamic Association (South ‘C’) on 4th March 1994.

Nairobi Muslim Academy is committed to be a leading educational centre that provides excellent intergrated Islamic and Secular education
Our institution has since its inception in 1995, strived to keep strengthening and expanding on its vision which includes providing education from the level of nursery to high school.

Through continuous improvement and expansion, Nairobi MuslimAcademy has been able to set the highest attainable standards both academically and morally.

With the guide of Allah (S.W.T), we have been able to keep to 014t school motto “Forge ahead in Islam and Knowledge” which guides us to attain and maintain the visidn of Nairobi Muslim Academy.

Nairobi Muslim Academy was established on the basis of providing Education for the Muslim ummah who during the colonial period were lagged behind and denied education chances because of keeping to their faith.

The management board of Nairobi Muslim Academy saw the need to estab!sh an Islamic school that provided an Islamic environment for our children so as to mould them in the best way possible.

This mission was made possible by the inception of Nairobi Muslim Academy in 1995 on the same ground with Masjid Nur which provides the best Islamic environment.

The mission was also to provide a wholistic quality education based on Islamic values and principles. That is offering both Islamic studies and secular studies which prepares the pupils for the outside world and the hereafter thus producing an all rounded student.


  • Provide affordable quality education to our Muslim children who are the leaders of tomorrow
  • Operate and manage an efficient Islamic institution on sustainable and manageable basis
  • Provide ample Islamic environment for our Muslim children and ummah at large
  • Facilitate da’awa and Islamic activities within the school environment
  • Mould the tarbia and akhlaq of pupils
  • Enable the pupils face the future and make then responsible citizens with good morals
  • Liase with Muslim organizations that share our values to help us realize our objectives
  • Produce men and women who are not only tolerant but are able to fully participate with Muslims and people of other faiths in National development


Situated in South ‘C’ at the junction of Muhoho Avenue / Oleshapara next to Masjid Nur

Nairobi Muslim Academy
P.O Box 18421 —00500 Nairobi
Tel No. 609140 Fax: 609744
Cell phone: 0721 427 488
Email: [email protected] swiftkenya.com

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