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Saturday Lecture

28th Mar 2009

2.00 pm-4.00 pm

Ettiquettes of marriage

(Adabu za ndoa)

Ustadha Hafswa

*sisters only

Jamia Mosque Multi Purpose Hall
Youth Camp

10th-13th Apr 2009

Students particularly from secondary
schools urged to attend.

For details call 0722861138/0735451046

Organised by Muslim Network for Da'wa

  • Wide range of Videos, Audio Cassettes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs covering Lectures, conferences, debates, documentaries and discussions by local and International Islamic scholars.

  • Materials are provided at free hire after payment of deposit of Ksh 500.

Umm Ibrahim Centre
New Intake for the six months reverts course. Application forms at Jamia Mosque Library, Al-Aqsa Mosque-Kayole and Umm Ibrahim Centre-Kasarani For details call 0721427280/0733721844
Looking for a marital partner? Visit FRC

With these modern times, many things have changed. Most people find themselves entangled with work and studies and with very little time for socialization. Also strong relations tying families, friends and neighbours together are becoming harder to come by.

As a result of these, many societal problems have cropped up. Young men and women ready for marriage are finding it difficult to get the right partners at the right time. For this reason, Family Resource Centre (FRC) opened its doors to endeavor to cover this gap.

In a friendly atmosphere at Jamia Mosque FRC opened its doors with one of its goals being facilitating marriages in a strictly Shariah manner. In our three years of operations, many people who include lawyers, doctors, accountants, social worker, Imams and other professions, both men and women have found themselves marital partners at FRC.

As we continue to grow, we still face a few challenges. While many young men are brave to walk in seeking marital partners, this is not the case for the ladies who seem to be shy. At the moment we have several unmatched men from all races ranging from 20 to 26 years. We are appealing to young ladies who are ready to get married to come forward. Our records have always remained totally confidential and the the matching process is done with a high degree of professionalism.

We do also have several H.I.V positive men who are looking for H.I.V positive ladies for marriage. FRC will not only match you with the right partner, but will also offer pre and post marital counseling and will always be there for you in times of need.

Family Resource Center
Jamia Mosque first Floor opposite the Imams office
Tel. 0723716796

Reverts Classes

Beginners and Advanced Classes for reverts

For more details
contact Jamia Training Institute.

Jamia Training Institute(JTI)


Weekend Arabic Language Classes
Saturday Afternoons and Sunday Mornings
Classes commence In April
Intake also in progress for the following courses

New Intake in Progress for the following courses:
•Information Technology
•Arabic Language and Qur’an Studies
• Fashion and Design
• Sign Language
• Reverts Classes

Post-Dhuhr Darsa (FOR SISTERS)

Mondays-Wednesdays in the Ladies prayer area

  • Lockable shoe racks now available for hire. Enquire at Jamia Masjid Offices
New Books Arrivals at the Syed Abdullah Shah Jamia Library

Literature Materials for the blind, the Holy Qur’an in Braille & Arabic are now available. Also available are new titles on Islamic jurisprudence, sciences, history and Qur’an studies

Jamia Masjid Complex 1st floor


LCD projector with a screen exclusively devoted for Da’wah purposes available at the Jamia Audio Visual Libray at no cost.
For more detail contact Br. H. Mamdani on 0722 519212


Visit the Jamia Audio-Visual Library for a wider collection of Video and Audio tapes, DVDs, VCDs and CDs

"Broaden your knowledge of Islam with Jamia"

Qur’an recitation and memorisation classes - Sisters' Programme

Classes have commenced
Monday to Friday
Jamia Training Institute (JTI)

*Vacancies still available

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