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Churches now circulating fake Raila-Muslim MoU

Christian churches are now circulating a fictitious Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) allegedly signed between Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga and the National Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF).

A copy of the alleged document which The Friday Bulletin obtained after investigations was verified to have originated from the office of the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya Benjamin Nzimbi.

Among the issued being propagated is that on assuming power, ODM within its first six months in power will rewrite the constitution to pave way for the introduction of Shariah law in the country. Within one year, the document further alleges, Shariah courts will be established in every Kenyan divisional headquarters.

According to the “MoU,” Coast Province will be known as Jimbo la Pwani and will be granted full autonomy in matters of national defence and international accreditation.

The document goes on to issue alarming statements to the Christian faithful in the country alleging that Christian programmes on the national broadcaster Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) will be banned, a total ban on alcohol consumption in several parts of the country will be effected and an immediate ban on women’s dressing considered offensive to Muslims are among issues to be carried out once Raila Odinga assumes power.

These actions will be undertaken as a reward for Muslims supporting Raila’s bid for the presidency, says the alleged document.

The three page document is alleged to have been signed on 29 August 2007 by NAMLEF chairman Abdullahi Abdi, Raila Odinga and ODM Pentagon member Najib Balala.

NAMLEF officials dismissed the document saying it was part of an orchestrated campaign against Muslims and aimed at portraying members of the community negatively.

When contacted, an official at the Archbishop’s office whom The Friday Bulletin spoke to though conceded that it could have originated from the office, denied knowledge of the MoU.

Over the weekend in Nakuru, Raila Odinga dismissed claims that he signed a memorandum of understanding with Muslims which would establish Shariah law in the country. On his campaign trail in Wajir on Wednesday, he nevertheless conceded signing an MoU with Muslims to protect their rights put an end to the harassments and discrimination which members of the community had been unfairly subjected to.

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