A Checklist for Selecting the Best Hotels in Bkc

Published: 2021-09-12 16:40:11
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Many travellers of business and leisure opt to book hotels in the buzzing BKC complex. This article helps select the best hotels for one’s needs by providing a checklist of amenities that guarantee luxury and convenience.
A Checklist For Selecting The Best Hotels In BKC
Bandra-Kurla Complex, once a marshland, is now a buzzing business district in the heart of Mumbai. The modern commercial district of Bandra Kurla is flanked by lavish hotels, posh cafes, and eateries. With deluxe amenities, such as professional spas, swimming pool, gymnasiums, onsite restaurants, and impeccable service, the five-star hotels in Bandra Kurla complex attract travellers to their gates. However, owing to the numerous hotels in Bandra Kurla complex, the choice between the top hotels in BKC becomes confusing for travellers. Here are a few points that can help evaluate the five-star hotels in BKC for an informed choice. Location
Most of the five-star hotels in BKC are located in the heart of the financial district in close proximity to the MNCs and offices. Choose a five-star hotel in BKC which is the most conveniently located to commute daily to the point of interest. As the city traffic makes commute a headache, guests in proximity to their place of work are saved much hassle.
Style & character
Bandra Kurla hotels can be found in an array of styles, from contemporary, modern and minimalist to grand traditional Indian style. The choice amongst the two depends exclusively on the taste of the hotel seekers. However, to make a choice simpler one can go to travel booking websites and check the pictures of the hotel from the entrance to the facilities with ease.
Service & facilities
Although the service offered by most five star hotels in BKC are exemplary, choosing the services that matter to a guest individually makes sense. The commonly found services include a well-trained staff, housekeeping, room service. Amenities widely found would consist of, an outdoor swimming pool, a professional spa with experienced therapists and a fitness centre, open 24 hours, with well-selected equipment. Free Parking, availability of Wi-Fi in the room and common areas are also amenities that good business hotels in the BKC offer.
Amongst auxiliary option that may have importance for a hotels guest, include a trendy bar, chic cafes, onsite Restaurants, Conference rooms, banquets, and more. Evaluate the services offered by a hotel on their website to ensure one has the clear overview of the offering of a five-star hotel in BKC before booking the same. For special needs, ensure the hotel offers rooms with low beds and railings, along with wheelchair accessibility in the public areas.
Most hotels offer an urban view from the commercial district, owing to the sheer volume of high-rises all around. However, when booking a business hotel in Bandra Kurla Complex, ensure a room that fits one’s expectations and needs, from safes, televisions, a minibar, complimentary high-speed internet and well-appointed bathrooms. One can also choose rooms with spacious sitting areas and large bathrooms at a cost.
When choosing a hotel in Bandra Kurla complex, ensure the chosen establishment provides the amenities desired and required by one during their stay. Check guest reviews to ensure the chosen five-star hotels in BKC Mumbai, offers all the facilities as listed on their sites to ensure a hassle-free stay.

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