A Comparison of Recent Brand Overhauls/redesigns then Vs Now

Published: 2021-09-12 17:15:10
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Making a brand is most often a make or break thing especially if your target audience are the consumers themselves. Is it not remarkable that a single logo is one of the most effective means to stay in the public’s interests? This is why the advertising and management team through the years prioritize and make sure they make an effective logo that is easy to comprehend and memorize by people.
Think of McDonalds.Think of Google.
Think of Instagram.
These logos have a remarkable impact to its users. More than the name, you can easily visualize their logos and that is how effective the campaign of these brands to you.
In this article, let us go back in time to list down the different companies that redesigned and changed their brands and how they differ then and now.
Before, ebay’s logo is a design of disorderly letters with very bold colors. You see cherry red for e and very poignant blue for b and same colors for a and y. As they overhauled their logos, they opt out for a more minimalist look. Gone are the disorderly fashion of ebay but changed it to a flatter look.
Airbnb is considered as one of the unique logos out there and not to mention, using feminine colors too. Their old logo looks like a fat Microsoft WordArt which has a color powder blue. Imagine the change when they launched their brand-new logo which is nowhere the same than the their last. People even made jokes about their new campaign for shaping it like a butt and a female body parts. Jokes on them because up until now that logo sticks and remembered by people. It also has a deeper meaning. The logo means “Belong Anywhere” and truly with Airbnb, you have a home.
From the word itself, people would think the brand would go for a push pin or something similar. But the designers Mr. Deal and Mr. Pagan wanted more of an original concept than that one so they made their own font for Pinterest. Hence, the birth of the brand logo. But as the trend in the digital market change, Pinterest knew they needed to upgrade as well – flat look is in and bulky looking textures are out.
Just like any other companies, Amazon does not only want a logo. It wanted to have a more meaningful impact to its audience and make sure to send them the right message whenever they see their brand. The designer needs to convey the mission of the company which is “the most consumer-centric brand in the world”. They settled with a simple amazon.com logo which is underlined at the bottom. A year after, they decided to switch it up to simply amazon with a better-looking font and an arrow pointing a to z. They wanted consumers to know that they sell and covered stuff in different categories.
Google did not really much change their design and stick with their font. But, they did change how they look on your devices. Instead of an emboss feel to the font, they wanted to make it flatter.

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