A Critical Analysis of the Event Management Process

Published: 2021-09-12 08:35:12
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Event management field looks very glamorous and popular on the outside but on the inside it is very challenging and complex. A concept which gained popularity in our country in the nineties. Punctuality, coordination, organizing, planning, leadership, a sound mind and a lot of hard work is needed to keep up in this industry. No matter how big or small the event may be these are the core factors needed to manage any kind of event. The fundamentals for carrying an event is same just they all differ with a slight difference.
Events is very new in our country, India before our nation got independent people used to organize events but they would fail because of basic problems and lack of resources and technology. For eg, in weddings and anniversaries food arranged for people would go to waste or might be poisoned because of no refrigeration. But till today events is not just a work of the right hand, the event planners put in their effort and hard work after months or dedication an event is organized but nobody knows it would be a success or a total failure till the day of the event because things change at the last minute. If something goes wrong, for eg. if there is a shortage of electricity during the minute and the lights go off for a minute or two it makes no time for the audience to judge within two seconds. So, when you are planning the event you have to be very careful because every minute counts.
There a lot of things which need to be done in the event like deciding date, time and location, decoration, catering, music etc. The event management team is divided in groups and a particular work is allotted to particular group according to their qualifications but at the time of emergency everyone should be ready to do any kind of work and not hesitate. Coordination is the key for running a successful events company. Everyone should maintain peace and harmony and work together to build a healthy environment.
Every time we see an awards show on television, like IIFA and Filmfare or a music concert like Maroon 5 and Metallica or a beauty pageant like India’s top model and Miss India in all these types of reality shows everything is pre-planned and organized. From the red carpet the celebrities come to the time the last performance is held and show comes to end. It’s all event management.
Event management is also done to gain the interest of the audience just like in marketing or advertising but nobody realizes that they just think events is just for glamour but on the inside it is meant to attract people for their own motives. But events are of great importance for the people working in it as well, it brings together people of high intelligence giving them a platform to bring together their creativities and setting up something brilliant.
Managing events a lot of planning and organizing, first of all you have to bring ideas which are unique from the others and it should attract the targeted audience. There is a wide range of events like weddings, anniversaries, silver jubilee, golden jubilee, birthday parties, theme parties, fashion shows, beauty shows, music concerts, dance performances, sports events, corporate conferences and seminars, etc.
What is meant by ”event”?
“The use of unconventional media / method involving people witnessing a happening within a capsule of time, for the purpose of communication of a message” Events related to social, cultural and tradition- A festival for eg, ganesh chaturthi in Mumbai is celebrated with pomp in show in Mumbai , it is a procedure of a week and planned in advance.
A ceremony for example a marriage and anniversary, marriages is of huge importance in a country like ours. People invest cores of money to show their status symbol. They have a variety of functions before the marrige like haldi, mehandi, sagai, sagan etc which are also well planned. Birthday parties are also organized by event planners for eg, a baby’s birthday is celebrated with a baby style cake and decoration. or a sweet sixteen girlie birthday or a legal one at eighteen etc.
Functions of event management

Planning-the first step of a successful event is planning, the planners decide the date, time and location of the event with the hosts of the event keeping in mind all the possible outcomes like weather forecast it should be a pleasant day, the venue is decided according to the capacity of the people invited. If the people invited are in huge numbers say 2000, or 5000 the need a big place to settle them all in.
Organizing- once everything is planned the events team has to organize to make everything fall in place, whether is a day event or of longer duration say a week, 15 days or more. The planners have to take note of every small detail and decide what is happening at each hour to run the event smoothly.
Leading/ motivation- There is main leader of each group in the events team and everyone has to listen to them for eg, department of lights every work must listen to the main head and display and control the lights accordingly. The leader must be able to motivate the workers to work with full dedication.
Controlling- It means to monitor the progress of the event. To check everything is happening as planned and if there are mistakes what should be done to correct them. Controlling is very necessary because it gives planners the advantage to improve and settle what has gone wrong.
Staffing- Appointment of all the workers whether trained or not, by the higher authority or manager. Staffing means giving the right place to the right person according to their qualifications.

Types of event management

Corporate event management-These type of events are held for the companies for example, company’s 50th anniversary, birthday of the chairman, when their sales target has achieved and they have earned abnormal profits or simple events like conferences and seminars.
Product Launch Event Management. Let’s suppose that a company wishes to launch a new product in the market. How will they convey about the product to the general public? How will they guarantee the product’s vast reach? For marketing the product, media professionals must showcase the product’s usage in front of the consumer. The event management team proves to be useful in this context. They devise new and lucrative ideas that create a positive impression (regarding the product) in the minds of the consumers. They ensure that the samples reach the desired households. For instance: when RAW juice was launched in India recently they had their samples in big grocery stores like big bazaar for the customers to try.
Special Event Management

Some event management companies even are confided in a particular target audience. For example if you have a particular target audience in mind, the event management heads will devise the strategy and strike places that will give you maximum outcome. Road shows, promotions, contests, set designing, stage shows and audiovisual films are all interesting methods to invite public participation. Some event management companies go a step ahead to measure the customer reaction and provide relevant feedback. Among the available platforms road shows are known to be economical. It gives more visibility and allows the customer to directly relate to the product. And the touch and feel concept is satisfied. Road shows with interesting themes organized at a national level give your product high reach and coverage. These road shows arrest the customer’s attention and persuade the customers to try out the product. If impressed then the product receives a warm welcome.
Event management as an industry
Event management these days is very popular among companies and even graduates, events is has been gaining the interest of people since a very long time. Event Management is a whole process in itself it involves creativity, which brings extraordinary ideas, budgeting, setting the budget of the event, getting things done by comparing various options and choosing the one which suits the budget and provides the desired quality at the same time. Talking about events is a never ending list, fashion shows, music concerts, celebrity appearances, charity shows, parties, weddings, conferences, etc. but the basic concept of each one is the same they all require efficient planning. Events have evolved over the years, and has named as the glamorous industry. Earlier companies used to advertise only for marketing but they realized that with events they can reach to their customers faster and closer. Not just, companies even people who want to carry their events smoothly, event planners. People who want to show their status symbol also invest huge money in events like marriages and anniversaries. Events are the fastest growing industry in the modern era and have taken over people with a boom!
Event management as a marketing tool
Events are not just for entertainment and glamour is often used as a tool for marketing and advertising. Big companies invest in events to publicise their products in the eyes of the customers, for example, in a beer fest hoardings of kingfisher are set up saying the fest is sponsored by them they are indirectly promoting their product to the audience.
Myriad of services provided by event management companies
When companies approach event managers they have a basic idea and budget in mind. They approach the event management team with the tentative details. Making the event a success is the job of the management team. They coordinate with the sponsors and arrange travel, accommodation as well as the security. They look into the sound lighting and other such details. They also supervise ticket distribution and collection. In our country events usually wrap up till midnight. It is the event manager’s duty to make sure that the function gets concluded at the right time. If the event is supposed to last longer, it is the event manager’s duty to inform the police and the local authorities.
Efficient security is imperative for the proper management of the event. They help in dealing with unwanted guests, fights and harassment. Event management companies deal with a variety of marketing programs, concerts, corporate events, award functions, fashion shows and weddings etc. Clients hire event management companies to handle specific services such as technical or creative services.

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