A Look at the Courageous Series in James Mcteigue's Film V for Vendetta

Published: 2021-09-22 09:25:10
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In the movie V for Vendetta, V plays the role of the hero within the hero myth. V completes the heroic cycle in all its entirety; V’s journey consists of him being held without his consent as a prisoner within Larkhill, and have experiments done on him which he ultimately created an explosion and survived from. V’s escape from Larkhill symbolizes his return home for his main mission of revenge with the primary goal of returning to disseminate truth to others. Within Larkhill, V’s old self was being killed slowly everyday through the non-stop torturous mental and physical turmoil he was going through. However, as V was determined to put a stop to it with the explosion, he was not only able to escape but he also killed his former self to create new life within him and be reborn.
As a hero, V sacrifices his life to disseminate the truth to others and holds certain spiritual and physical heroic deeds. V’s physical heroic deeds consist of his unique fighting style and his powerful techniques of intrusion and surprise which deem him as a soldier in a battle where he is by himself against a corrupt leader and a group of followers that are blinded by the constant lies fed to them. This factor also touches on V’s spiritual heroic deeds which consists of him being a seeker of truth as well as a sharer of truth. V communicates to the public through clever ways such as emergency channels on the TV or the speakers installed on the streets which is ironic because V is using the party’s tools against them. In addition to this however, V is a true spiritual hero since he was capable of providing Evey with the life-changing experience he went through which led her to open her eyes.The world and society depicted within the movie V for Vendetta is a dystopian world where there is excessive order and control, and a repressive authoritarian father figure who enforces this excessive order and control through mass delusion and the abuse of psychoanalysis and science. The society in the movie is ultimately an environment created and maintained by the Chancellor. The Chancellor who plays the repressive authoritarian father figure within the movie gives direct and explicit orders from the background that deals mainly with hiding the truth from society, but tries to look like a helpful, and good leader in the public eye through controlled media, fear implemented within the society, and the use of politics. The instant the Chancellor noticed that V has his own wise ways to communicate to people and open their eyes, he gave orders of implementing more fear into them by reminding them what he’s capable of. The Chancellor is enforcing such excessive control over the public to ensure they lack individuality as well as the senses to wonder why things are the way they are. People in the movie are put in positions and jobs where they feel alienated from the work they are doing which ultimately alienates them from themselves, and distances them from any concept of individuality. For example, the reporters who give the news within V are so disconnected from what they’re reporting that watchers such as Evey can easily detect when they’re telling lies through body language.
Also, the fact that Larkhill even exists in the movie shows how individuality is looked down upon. V, to show Evey his perspective, puts her through an unimaginable experience where she reads the note of a girl who was placed in there for being a lesbian. This scene, in addition to the scenes of Evey’s parents getting killed for being activists and V being Larkhill, are themes of a dystopian world where individuality is not only looked down upon but those of different sexualities, cultures, traditions, and overall opinions, are condemned, tortured, and mentally abused due to it. Moreover, how science is utilized in the movie also adds to the dystopian theme because instead of science being used to help and improve the society, it’s being corruptly utilized to make personal profits and have power over the society, which is mostly present in the existence of Larkhill.
According to Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer, oppression is manifested in the limits of human rationalist which has become, as it were, a one-track mind designed for the sole purpose of subduing and exploiting nature, humans included. Within the movie V for Vendetta, Norsefire and the Chancellor utilizes instrumental rationality to match means to ends. Norsefire made a corrupt plan of creating a deadly disease and releasing it, and then creating the cure for it to make profits off of it through medicine companies. Not only did Norsefire carry out horrendous experiments in concentration camps like Larkhill, they also were able to easily brainwash the people while making profits by implementing fear into them through their media as well as the disease. Moreover, Norsefire utilized the disease to create a fear of violence within the society as well where they created a mass delusion of particular people targeting the country to spread the disease when in truth it was the Norsefire party itself. People such as V were sent to Larkhill so experiments can be done on them to see how effective this virus, St. Mary’s virus, is. Within Larkhill, prisoners were robbed of their privacy, individuality, and old selves.
Norsefire creates a single thought process within the society where everyone agrees with the same perspective, and utilizes oppression, subliminal slogans, and media to do so. Norsefire uses instrumental reason, which can be seen in things as common as their slogans such as Strength is Unity, to oppress people into giving up their individuality and identity. Not only those who are homosexuals, of different cultures or traditions are imprisoned within Larkhill, but also anyone such as Evey’s parents who oppose the one-track mind the Norsefire party is attempting to enforce. By erasing diversity and separate identity while implementing fear, Norsefire succeeded in generating a general false identity where people try to suppress their individual needs and wants such as urges, feelings, desires, and so on.

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