A Main Idea of The Fault in Our Stars Novel

Published: 2021-09-10 22:55:09
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The novel, The fault in our stars by John Green is about two young adults diagnosed with cancer who fall in love with each other. When they are in love they learn the value and morals of life, until the story ends with a tragic ending when Augustus dies from terminal cancer. The main characters Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters pursue a relationship knowing that it won’t last forever. Although a lot of people contributed to Hazel’s ability to overcome difficulty there were a few people that stood out the most. Mrs. Lancaster’s loving care for Hazel and Augustus’s passionate love and generosity, make Hazel into the girl she is today.
Hazel’s mom Mrs. Lancaster is a very caring mother that always puts Hazel as her number one priority regardless of her loss. All she wants is for Hazel to stop watching TV and go to support group so that she can make some friends. Mrs. Lancaster emphasizes this point by saying: “ You need to make friends, go to support group, get out of the house” and “Hazel you deserve a life” Eventually, Mrs. Lancaster forces Hazel to attend even though she strongly dislikes it. This shows that Mrs. Lancaster is very hard working and passionate about giving Hazel a better life by pushing her out of her comfort zone so that she can benefit in the future. If Mrs.Lancaster had not sent her to support group, she would have never met Augustus. Another example occurs with Mrs. Lancaster’s day and night devotion to taking care of Hazel. No matter what time of day it is Mrs.Lancaster will always check to make sure Hazel is okay and helps her both emotionally and physically to fight her disease. When there is an emergency, Mrs. Lancaster will be the first to run to Hazel’s room and rush her to the hospital with the help of her husband. This love and care are very important to Hazel as it shows Hazel that people care about her, and gives her something worth living and fighting for. This love and care does not just end there, Mrs. Lancaster helps to cheer Hazel up after Augustus’s funeral. Hazel’s boyfriend, Augustus passed away causing Hazel to be heartbroken and sad as Augustus turned into the “grenade” that ripped them apart. Mrs. Lancaster supports Hazel by attending the funeral and by always being on Hazel’s side when she needs her most. Mrs. Lancaster will always comfort her and make Hazel feel better when she’s weeping about Augustus. This love helps Hazel move on with her life, pass this major obstacle. Mrs. Lancaster is a very thoughtful and caring mom that contributed a lot to making Hazel the girl she is today.Augustus Waters also played an immense role in making Hazel overcome her difficulties as his passionate love for Hazel, granted her a new life and mindset. Ever since Augustus laid eyes on Hazel at a support group, he fell in love with her. Augustus befriends Hazel and talks to Hazel about topics they like. Augustus will occasionally bring Hazel somewhere or talk about stuff outside her comfort zone. This friendship from Augustus allows Hazel to be open to the world and make friends just like what her mom wanted. This is shown when Augustus takes Hazel out to picnics or other social places to talk about life. One major experience is when Augustus takes Hazel and Isaac, a blind man with cancer, to egg Isaacs girlfriends car. This experience allows everyone to reflect on the community support for cancer patients. In this case, Issac’s girlfriend dumped him because he went blind, and she no longer wants to support Isaac. With Augustus, Hazel is able to see and experience many new things, get outside and live her life to the fullest. Hazel is transformed from a depressed girl that stays home watching tv to an active teenager.
Aside from Augustus Waters caring role, Augustus shared several interests with Hazel. One of the main interests that they had is this book called an Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. The book is strange as it ends in a middle of a sentence. Hazel really badly wants to meet the author to ask him questions on what happened at the end of the book. Augustus offers to use his only cancer wish to bring himself and Hazel to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten for answers on what happens in that book. This generosity allows for a better relationship between Hazel and Augustus and allows Hazel to finally leave the house and meet new people and a whole new culture. This is very beneficial for Hazel and her mom because her mom dreams of her making friends and finally leaving the house. It benefits Hazel because it stops her depression and allows her to breach her difficulty of making friends and being social. During the trip, Augustus helps Hazel overcome her difficulties when they are at Peter Van Houten’s house. Peter Van Houten is not the nice guy that Augustus and Hazel expected. Peter Van Houten is an alcoholic with abrasive behavior. When Augustus and Hazel were there, he refused to answer their questions and directly insults Augustus and hazel. This causes Hazel to get angered as she desperately seeks the answers and flew all the way to Amsterdam just for that. Augustus steps in and calms Hazel and brings her outside before she gets very mad. This thoughtful behavior from Augustus prevents any major conflicts from happening as both parties were getting very mad. Augusts help Hazel again at the Anne Frank House when Hazel is having trouble climbing the stairs. Augustus helps by verbally encouraging her and giving her a hand at carrying her heavy oxygen tanks. This help gives Hazel motivation to push further and to climb to the top of the Anne Frank House despite her lungs telling her to stop. Augustus is very caring and will support anything that Hazel chooses to do in her life.
To conclude, Hazel is what she is today due to the massive amounts of support from her family and friends ranging from Mrs. Lancaster’s constant nagging and care all the way to Augustus passionate love. Throughout her life, Hazel has a very rough life due to her cancer and depression. She has experienced pain and happiness and went through a lot of tough times. With the help of family and friends, Hazel transformed from a depressed cancer patient into a bright young girl.

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