A Memoir on My Terrifying Life and Times in the House I Spent My Childhood in

Published: 2021-09-22 02:35:08
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“My adventures are a constant struggle between fear and courage” Zak Bagans host of Ghost Adventure has said. Ever since I could remember, I have bad memories when I used to live in my old Schaumburg house. I was nine years old when I was living there with my parents. The house was creepy inside and out. In that house, I experienced one of the scariest moments of my life.
I’ve moved a total of five times in the past eighteen years. One of those five places has given me horrible memories. It was the year 2002 when I was only nine years old. My parents rented a house in Schaumburg. The house looks old to me when I first saw it. My dad’s friends were ready to move the stuff inside the house when this incident happened. My dad’s close friend Jack is the first person to step in my house. As he put down the boxes, he wondered where that voice is coming from. Few seconds later, he heard someone said “get out” next to his ear. He ran outside like a marathon runner and told my dad he heard someone. My dad probably thought it was his imagination, but I didn’t want to go in. After a few hours of unpacking, we finally managed to organize all of the stuff into the house. I felt like someone was watching me already.The moving days were finally over and everyone was ready to head out. My dad planned to throw a party in a couple of hours for the new house. As for me, I was just walking around to check out the place. I saw my room, my parent’s room, living room, and the basement. Then, when I entered in the kitchen, I looked through the window. There was tall grass with a tree stump at the very edge of the corner. Some believe that cutting the tree without permission can cause consequences to the house. That’s what some people believe, but I don’t. A few hours had passed; my dad and mom set up the party with drinks and food. Everyone was hanging out in the living room talking to each other. My dad told me to get him a drink downstairs in the basement. That was the moment where I encountered two ghosts. The ghosts were an old man and woman looking at me furiously like I did something wrong. I ran upstairs to my dad screaming and crying. There was silence in the party from the incident I encountered.
After the party, it was nighttime and everyone was tired. My parents were ready to go to bed, but I was still scared of the incident that happened. They told me it’s just my silly imagination, but I believed the ghost were real. I went to my room and with my parents tucked me in for bed. They both kissed me on the head and left while my room to saying goodnight to me. The light was turned off and I started counting sheep to help me sleep through the night. For some reason I was cold in the middle of the night but it was warm outside. Something weird was going on in the house during the night. I shed a couple of tears because I believed that the ghosts are watching me. I heard some bumps downstairs, but my parent’s room was across the hall. I walked to my door and slightly opened it just a crack. All I saw was my parent’s room with a beaming light under the door while the hall way was dark and chilly. I closed it and the noises downstairs were still continuing. The bumping kept on getting louder and louder. It felt like it’s getting closer and closer from each bump pass. My heart was beating was beat so fast every time I think about it. I had a rough night to try to make myself sleep that night.
A few days had pasted by, and there was paranormal activity that has only happening to me. I never told my parents because I didn’t want them to worry me. My mom was at work while my dad was sleeping during the day. He works night shifts so he needs the sleep in order to have energy at night. I went outside in the backyard to see what was out there. The grass was still not cut because my parents had no time to cut it. I walked over the four-inch tall grass to go on the tree stump. Behind it was a dead mouse that looks like it was there for a week. I ran back to the house because I thought the ghost did it, I went to my dad’s room and stayed there for the rest of the day.
Finally, the haunting days are starting to wine down for me. My parents invited my family over to bless the house. I didn’t really know how all the blessing the house thing works but all I know it makes the house better. Afterwards, my parents had set up food for the family. My dad and uncle are having a conversation about the old house. I heard from my dad that he himself had experience some paranormal activity. He saw two faces in the house outside early mornings. The house gave him the chills sometimes when he tried to go inside. I’ve never thought my dad would have paranormal experience in the house. Why didn’t he ever tell me something been going on in the house? Guess I will never know until I grow up. Later on, my uncle had left the house and my parents went to their room to rest. Now I know that I’m not the only one who was going crazy in the Schaumburg house.
From my experience, the Schaumburg house had a lot of paranormal activity going on over six months. I had experienced a lot of paranormal stuff in my house and will never forget those times. My parents have experienced those paranormal activities too but never told me. There are days those memories haunt me forever through my dreams. Maybe those experiences can help others who are in the same situation like me. Like Zak Bagans, I fought between fear and courage with my experience. Luckily, I came out courageous.

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