A Movie Analysis of Market Imaginary; a Study of Cologne Market, an Alternative Global Economy

Published: 2021-08-30 05:55:08
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The film “Market Imaginary” primarily focuses on the manner in which the Colobane Market serves an alternative global economy that embodies the interconnectedness of cultures and elaborates on the movements of goods and the urbanity of the market. The film itself is organized by introducing the setting and providing background information and then goes further into three various sections, additionally there are numerous interviews discussing various aspects of the market. The first section of “Market Imaginary” focuses on the social and commercial aspects of the Colobane Market, the second section emphasizes the historical and spatial aspects, and the third section places the visual and creative aspects as the center of attention.
As much as the market is a space for commercial transactions, it is also a space for social interactions. This assertion is well demonstrated by considering the complex negotiations around objects and the accommodations made in negotiation. The social interaction that transpires in the commercial setting of the market is a fundamental driver in the Market Imaginary. In should be acknowledged that the vast majority of the individuals who participate in the commercial aspects of the market understand the value of networking and its direct relationship with social mobility. Since the market has the ability to brings together a vast amount of networks, exchanges of all varieties represent potential relationships waiting to be called upon and accessed. Due to how there are a plethora of possible networks there are innumerable entrances that can be approached in which individuals have the opportunity to participate in. All of the networking as well as the reprocessing of second hand goods allows there to be a sense of urbanity within the marketplace. It is with all of the previous intuition that allows for the market place to contribute to the production of urban space in Dakar. Another aspect reflecting the urbanity of the market is its geo-spatial location in Dakar. Colobane is widely considered as an area of convergence and transportation due to how it is located between the extension of Downtown Dakar and the adjacent neighborhoods. Additionally, the market is considered to be easy to access and is centrally located, both of which are important factors that further allow the market to be considered as an urban center. The market has taken the space from the adjacent neighborhoods. The market also embodies the interconnectedness of cultures and highlights how there are several mini markets within the larger overarching market. The smaller markets are dedicated for goods from various countries.
In regards with the visual and creative aspects associated with what the Colobane Market has to offer, it appears that there are artists who consider the market solely as a place to obtain material for their artistic and aesthetic utilization. Additionally, “Market Imaginary” demonstrates that the inconstant residency of the spaces can possibly provide to the aesthetic nature that is so appealing people. The film seems to highlight that the vendors themselves should be considered as the artists, therefore turning the entirety of the market into a plethora of artistic appeal. This artistic appeal adds to the urbanity of the market and therefore assets its place as a center of urban and metropolitan interaction in Dakar.

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