A Process of Human Development

Published: 2021-09-11 17:50:11
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The person’s life from prenatal development through childhood in terms of nature/nurture influences.
Human development is a process, which needs to be well considered especially when there is need to ensure that the lives of individuals are well engaged. Parenting and social interaction influence an individual development process. This means that there is need to ensure that there is greater focus and understanding under which an individual behavior can be linked to the social environment. The manner in which an individual is engaged both by parents and the society plays a crucial role in defining his or her wellbeing (Bornstein, 2012). Therefore, in order to ensure that a child grows positive and adopt positive interactive processes, there is need to ensure that they have a well-engaged childhood. The influential person that I will consider in this case will be Taraji Henson who is one of the successful actresses in the world having won numerous awards including Golden Globe Award despite having a very traumatic childhood experiences Despite currently enjoying immense success, Taraji P. Henson’s life was not always a bed of roses after she was caught at the center of abusive parents as the only child to Boris Henson and Bernice Gordon. Her father was homeless and a depressed individual who sought amends by being unapproachable. He was also abusing his wife as well as the daughter, which was a very traumatizing, experience considering the fact that Taraji was a very little child. She was four years old when her father dragged her mother by the hair to his car threatening to kill her. Such experiences are very difficult and traumatizing for any child to take considering the focus that a child usually has a very weak mental strength where they are more likely to be influenced by minor things (Carpenter, 2017).
Bernice Gordon divorced her husband and raised Taraji as a single parent although living in crime laden southeast of Washington was a huge challenge for the young girl and her mother. At one point, her father tried to kidnap her although she confirms that her father only wanted to be with her and had no any ill motives and she harbors no bad blood with her father who dies in 2006. The surrounding social environment was very difficult especially for a young girl since it was very difficult to develop a positive behavioral focus in a highly negative social environment. Her mother was very strict and she was able to focus on her studies although she got pregnant at 23 years and caught in an abusive. She split from the father of her child when he punched her in the face. She has been able to raise her son as a single parent as well (Henson et.al., 2014).
An individual development process requires critical understanding on an individual cognitive and behavioral wellbeing considering the fact that all other factors are developed based on how these two processes are engaged within a given environment. This means that there is need to ensure that there is a significant focus and understanding where it would be easier to monitor an individual development process. An individual who has had a very difficult childhood need to be engaged significant in order to ensure that there is a greater focus and understanding under which it would important to adopt positive behavioral traits depending on what the psychological wellbeing of an individual can be able to hold (Crockett & Hayes, 2011).
An analysis of the role cognitive and social-emotional development/changes played in the person’s life
Cognitive wellbeing includes a critical focus on an individual mental capacity, which is engaged in seeking to create an understanding under which it would be possible to develop a greater understanding on what needs to be considered within a given environment in engaging a child. Having a strong mental strength is crucial in improving an individual wellbeing without undergoing significant changes. The most important thing in this case is whether an individual is able to recognize the right thing that needs to be done.
Self-confidence and motivation is crucial in this case. This is mainly because the force to succeed is from within. She had her own personal goals that she wanted to achieve which formed the focal point of her magnificent life since she does not believe in failure but constant success. This shows that being able to achieve what she has been able to achieve over the course of her life means that she had to overcome the negative feeling of failure, which sought to destroy her wellbeing (Green & Piel, 2015).
Social emotional development is another crucial concept, which puts into focus an individual understanding under which it would be possible to have a positive social focus and interaction without any ill motives. Having a positive attitude where it is easier to associate and relate to others is important in focusing to ensure that an individual development process must be guided by measured principles, which provide a greater understanding on successful tips in life. Her experiences while growing up shaped her future life where she has been able to develop by establishing positive relationship with others.
Socio emotional development puts into consideration both inter and intra personal development processes that are able to shape an individual understanding on key elements within their surrounding as well as internal processes which are crucial ion shaping an individual understanding under which it would be easier to incorporate positive elements. Behavioral focus in this case is most critical since it is very difficult to make any informed decision without focus on an individual attitude. The attitude must be positive in order to develop a positive personality, which can have a significant influence across the globe (Green & Piel, 2015).

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