A Puzzle of the Melissa and Doug Pets Jumbo

Published: 2021-09-10 03:25:10
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The Melissa and Doug Pets Jumbo is a puzzle. It is wooden and has three animals- a brown dog, and orange cat, and a yellow bird. The animals are shaped to fit into the space they go in. There are knobs on all three to help the baby learn to grasp each on e and put them in their correct spots. Naturally, the baby may want to throw the puzzle pieces. This actually helps with their gross motor skills. Specifically, this toy helps with the pincer grasp. The only thing I would add to this to help improve the toy is some sound effects. I would match each puzzle piece to the corresponding sounds that that each animal makes. This might help the child want to interact more with than toy rather than to just throw it. Overall, I feel like this is a really good toy to have for a growing child.
The Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys are very colorful. They are a oversized, gel-like substance shaped keys to help with the teething and grip. The teething nubs help massage tender gums. The bright colorful shapes stimulate your baby visually and help with hand eye coordination. They are also dishwasher safe. The gross motor skills this toy provides include practice. These toys are catching to the eye and a good idea to place in front of a child for practice on crawling, walking, or even just lifting their toy to their mouth can be practice. The find motor skills this toy possesses would be the grasping reflex (holding onto the keys in general) and the pincer grasp (where each individual key can be held.) I don’t think there is enough on this toy to really help a child practice with their motor skills. They keys should light up or play music or something. There has to be more to catch the attention of a child and keep their attention. It’s great for teething, but not so great at far as a toy goes.Carter’s My First Purse is a great toy to encourage creativity and imagination. The purse comes with several pieces to help fuel originality and learning such as keys, textured credit cards and a mirror. My First Purse will keep your child entertained for hours while helping them develop fine motor skills. Some of these include the practice of turning the pages in each book or even just picking it up in general. I love the crinkling in the pages. It helps keep the attention of the child. The mirror is shiny and also grasps the eye. So far, I would not add anything else to this toy because I think it already has a lot going on and is perfect in all ways to help improve all fine motor skills by an infant.
These Teether Books from Bright Starts are another way for you to help your baby through a very trying time — teething. The fabric pages crinkle and squeak, which might act as a distraction for an irritable baby. The wavy book spine is easy for baby to hold on to and also contains clacking beads for fun. This book is designed to engage baby in ways to provoke laughter and smiles. Bright colors, interesting textures, and funny noises all come together to help your baby grow. Almost all fine and gross motor skills can be practiced with this. The pincer grasp would be used on the individual beads on the side of the book that your baby can play with. I would make the teething ring part of the toy glow in the dark just to make it more intriguing at all times of the day. Other than that, the toy is perfect. My favorite toy overall is the “Carter’s My First Purse.”

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