A Role of Crm in Management and Automatization

Published: 2021-09-10 04:45:08
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How CRM Can be Used to Support the Automation of Digital Marketing Activities for Your Chosen Organization.
CRM is a marketing tool that needs to be connected to the sales process that also builds on customer relationships. CRM is a sales tool that can be used to configure systems to get the most out of their deals. CRM can be used in lead management, which is a set of methodologies that organizations use to generate prospective customers. Lead management is known to consume a lot of time and efforts as the process of capturing leads and entering the data in the CRM may be tedious. With the help of the CRM, Edemy academy has an advantage of automating and streamlining the digital lead management process (Pham 26).Udemy academy can connect their website with their CRM and split the website into different categories. The splitting of the website may be done to ensure that no data is lost while getting new leads. It may be appropriate to set up notifications when new sets of data are entered into the system of lead capture .CRM is also important for the Udemy academy to eliminate leads that may not be of help to the organization. It is a common phenomenon in marketing to find leads that are not all equal. It is equally senseless to chase down leads that may not be worth the effort of the marketing team. CRM can, therefore, be used by the academy to create a lead scoring plan that makes the marketing team confident in handing specific leads over to the sales teams (Chaffey et al 414).
During the process of lead scoring, it would be important to highlight multiple valuable interactions that are automated and connected to the CRM system. Notifications may be set to reach the teams when prospective customers reach higher marks. Companies that have automated the lead management processes assert that the experience has accelerated their marketing pipeline as there are timely follow-ups of potential leads that results in higher conversion rates (Pham 12).
B2B companies have always used CRM to keep the leads engaged during the buying cycle as the sales cycle takes more time as compared to that of their B2C counterparts. The B2B companies embark on sending drip emails with relevant content at specific intervals with an aim to build trust and relationships with the prospective customers. Similarly, Udemy online academy can undertake the measure of nurturing leads through the CRM process to save time. The Udemy academy may use the CRM to automate the lead nurturing campaigns that will allow the organization to segment information with a motive of optimizing and personalizing customer email series. Again, the sales team may be alerted when the leads reach a defined level of engagement so that they discuss how to come up with something meaningful during the interaction (Pham 23).
It is a common phenomenon for customers to fall through the cracks after their first purchase. CRM may of help to the Udemy academy in retaining and up-selling customers. The marketing job does not stop after the initial purchase but rather continues to see that the customer is retained and satisfied. CRM, with the back up from the automation, would ensure that the Udemy online academy builds a healthy relationship with its customers to keep the brand at the top level (Pham 12).

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