A Root Canal Treatment

Published: 2021-09-03 16:00:12
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Before we get into root canal, let’s get to know some more about the roots of your teeth. Your teeth may appear sturdy on the outside but on the inside, there is a soft, sensitive tissue called ‘pulp’. Blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues, they all meet in this region called pulp, and help in the growth and development of your teeth. Now you can imagine the depth of sensitivity of this pulp, and the degree of measures that need to be taken to maintain their health.
However, if you experience any or all of these- Grating pain in your teeth, Tenderness on touching or chewing, Swelling, Drainage, Prolonged sensitivity, and your dentist chides you about the importance of dental care and suggests that you need a root canal treatment, it simply means that the pulp is inflamed or infected and needs to be treated. It’s like any other usual infection on the skin or in the eye, so there’s nothing to be scared of.What really happens during the procedure? Apart from dispensing all sorts of dental care tips and dental care products, your endodontist (dental professional contriving your root canal treatment) will remove the infected pulp and clean the insides of your tooth. The hence created empty space will then be filled in and sealed and your tooth will be restored to perfection, fully protected, so it continues to function like the rest of the other teeth.
What about after the procedure? Now, just like after any normal procedure, you may feel different, more like your tooth may feel different. You will be provided with proper medication to get rid of the sensitivity and tenderness. However, modern technology has been kind enough to make the procedure as comfortable and painless as possible. Many patients have suggested that they felt no pain during the procedure. You just have to be careful when the tooth is removed. Ensure that you get the tooth restored as early as you can.
Meanwhile, you can go for regular check-ups and cleaning and you things will be as good as new. Amazing, isn’t it? So, basically it’s the same for all the teeth and the cost is going to be the same? Wait, it doesn’t quite sound right. The procedure really depends on which tooth is infected and how mild or severe the infection is. Molars are more complex to treat so they cost more. If the infection is severe then the procedure will vary accordingly. There may even be times when it is not possible to undergo a treatment so, in that case the dentist will recommend surgery. Don’t worry, your tooth will be saved and protected for life-long! Being an adult is tough man. Your parents and school try their best to teach you about the purpose of dental care and make you write a 1,000 word dental care essay.
Indeed, it is easy when you are careful from the very beginning. Having said that, it is better late than never. It is never too late to start caring about your health, even your dental health. Ensure that you realise how sensitive your teeth and choose a tooth brush and a tooth paste accordingly. Maintain a proper oral hygiene, brush and floss daily, and you might not even need a root canal treatment. In the end, it is all for your healthy, confident smile.

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