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Published: 2021-09-14 22:25:10
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Kam Avida enviro engineers pvt. Ltd.is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. The founders of this company are Mr. Manohar Krishna and Mr.Pankaj Malhotra. They have started this firm in 1990 as Kam associates after that it was convert into Kam Marketing pvt. Ltd. in 1994. In the beginning days of the company its annual sales were about 41 Lakhs which crossed 1 Crore in 1995.
After that they joined hands with Avinash Bhende and Porus Dadachand who were the Marine engineers after that Kam marketing was incorporated as Kam Avida enviro engineering pvt. Ltd. Retriever was the first machine to be launched, it was soon followed by the launch of India’s first trolly mounted motorized cable spinner model, kambore, kamrodder & subsequently followed by a range of non motorized indoor drain cleaning, having these range of drain cleaners, the sales operations grew nation-wide and day by day there sales got notched up and Company got its first break from Aurangabad Municipal Corporation with a five year operational maintenance contract after that in 1998 the list of customers included municipal corporation in western India such as Pune PCMC in VMSD and companies such as Bajaj auto, Telco., The Venkateshwara Group , Railways, The Taj Group of Hotels etc. It offers a unique range of equipment for cleaning & maintenance programs. And it manufacture sewer cleaning, pipes & drain cleaner machines, solid waste collection & transportation equipment, mechanical sweeper, industrial vacuum cleaners these are the cleaning equipment as well as it also manufacture such special purpose machine like tree transplanter, patch work machine etc. The motive of the company is to eliminate all methods of manual cleaning/scavenging that has been disgracefully followed in our country from many years. The company has evolved with the thinking of cleaning & maintenance with ease & dignity. There are more than 3000 users nation-wide & in neighboring SAARC countries. Company’s manufacturing facility available in Pune, Maharashtra with a Pan India sales & service network.After having sales more than 55crore and opening of offices in major cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata) and it increased tidiness of company’s head office and factory in Pune along with after sales service space. Company have distributed there product in two ways one is solid waste and another is liquid waste. so here are some solid waste collection machine

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