Able Facilitates Decentralized Banking

Published: 2021-09-12 14:05:11
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Being in control of conventional financial system had given banks the leverage of coming up with policies that might be unfavorable to a larger audience. Deposits and withdrawals form part of daily activities in traditional banks. Many are yet to get insights to alternative source of income for banks – loans.
Aside placing special emphasis on collaterals before loans can be issued; banks literally rob Peter to pay Paul. By collecting low-rate deposits, they offer same with high interest rates to borrowers.Unveiling a Blockchain Bank
ABLE is a decentralized solution to conventional financial systems. You might find this hard to believe. Banking on the blockchain? How possible can that be? These posers bring us to the application of ABLE.
Implementing ABLE
ABLE is running a financial system without intermediaries. Banks are middlemen in the current financial system. ABLE won’t need any middleman for its operations. It rather matches borrowers and investors wishing to give out loans.
After linking the duo, ABLE then determines what interest the borrower has to pay the investor on refund of the loan. ABLE is actually getting close to automation because it makes the manual transmission of banks a child’s play.
Can Cryptographic Currencies be Collaterals?
Your answer will definitely not be in the especially as many governments and financial sectors are clamping on the spread of cryptographic currencies. ABLE is one out of many decentralized platforms that lets you use your digital currency as collateral for fiat loans.
Thanks to its efficient smart contract, ABLE can perform same functions as banks. You can lend funds and borrow same using your digital currencies as collaterals.
Breaking the Barriers of Cryptocurrency Address
You need to have a digital wallet to trade and use digital currencies and each address comes with a mix of characters. Most times, we tend to forget our passwords and with a long-stretched address as what we have on cryptocurrency addresses, the trend will still be in vogue.
ABLE therefore brings a new feature – shortened addresses. Your ABLE digital wallet address will be relatively small compared to the 65 and 34 mixed characters available on Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses.
Allocation of Tokens
Strategy Partners and Marketing: 5%
Incentive for Team: 10%
Foundation: 10%
Reserve: 15%
Crowd-Sales: 60%
Token Specifications
Token Symbol: ABLE
Platform: Ethereum
Total Supply: 25 billion ABLE
Soft Cap: 10, 000 ETH
Hard Cap: 25, 000 ETH
Exchange Rate: 320, 000 ABLE= 1 ETH
Accepted Currency: Ethereum (ETH)
Country of Registration: Estonia
ABLE’s Advisors
Bottom Line – ABLE is indeed ABLE
ABLE is quite impressive and from its prospects, it can be deduced that decentralized banking will be easier than we thought. For keen observers and enthusiasts, ABLE brings to the table what traditional financial platforms don’t want you to know – decentralization of banking services.

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