Adding Value to the Sea Food

Published: 2021-09-13 12:40:10
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“What if all the seafood in the world would be discarded one day?” One could easily feel the intensity of calamity behind this statement if one goes through the research conducted by WWF which states that being the largest traded food commodity in the world, seafood provides nourishment to billions of people worldwide. As per WWF, approximately three billion people in the world rely on both wild-caught and farmed seafood as their primary source of protein; however, if one was into the room of aquaculture, one would have noticed that large amount of seafood proved to be redundant every year because of lack of sufficient value-addition in order to satisfy consumers’ demands.
In its simplest terminology, value-addition is defined as, the appropriate quantity that is mandatory to augment the worth of article in all the doable and affordable ways in order to meet consumer demands. If we were to step particularly into the ground of sea food industry, we would have evidently noticed at once that fishery is tremendously the most perishable array of food industry that is liable to rot more swiftly when compared to the other food commodities.Adding value to the sea food is meant to be prolific in a number of conducts including: the production of healthier food products promoting healthier way of life, the augmentation in the sales of fisheries promoting an abrupt increase in the economic sales of the country, the boost in shelf life allowing fisheries to be kept without being inapt for use and the provision of itinerary to an innovative market opportunities enhancing the trade revenues per annum.
Value-addition, irrefutably, is the most frequently used terminology in the food processing commerce especially in terms of provision of valuable food range to consumers and attainment of valuable foreign trade. As people are getting equipped with necessity of the superlative nutritionist diet, their demand for value-added sea food products has been escalating accordingly. Transforming untreated fish into the vast range of edible foodstuffs is an indispensable notion at the rear of value-addition to sea food products. In the epoch, where almost everyone is extremely short of time and where masses have got more imperative responsibilities to do rather than cooking errands, people feel themselves valued if they are served with ready to cook food products; instead, of raw products.
There are certain techniques and variations to attain the echelon of comfort of attaining the valued-sea products. It is exceedingly mandatory if processors deem the significance of reliable technologies that could add value to the sea food products.

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