Addressing Task Or Relationship

Published: 2021-09-12 14:25:11
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The last several years, I have been apart of many sports team such as being on the school’s basketball, volleyball, and track & field team. Throughout being involved with all these sports team, my intentions were to have myself involved in a special way and to make a impact but also improving my weakness which is communication and being more social. I cannot lie, I am a shy teenager and always nervous and afraid of meeting new people although they are friendly. During that time, I believe those are the right skills I needed to build in order to have a successful team and to grow relations with the team.
Adding on, building strong relationship with your team will be effective because it is a way to see our true strength and weakness and this is where we will all help and improve each one of us. From my past experiences, by working together as a team, we can utilize our strength in order to help improve our weakness. Lately, I did not succeed to realize the benefits of task-oriented leadership because I did not like to assign people responsibility and demanding them to do certain task that they did not like. I was scared and frightened because I did not want this to destroy the relationships I had with the members of the team in order to succeed. From now, I see my relationship-oriented leadership style was derived from me placing significant emphasis on relationship as a key component to team work effectiveness. One problem about my leadership approach is that I do not do a good job of realizing the disadvantages of being too focus on relationship-oriented. Through being too supportive without understanding the development level of my team members, I may lack the effectiveness of accomplishing our goal and my efforts will not only annoy them but distract them as well.Even though I prefer having the relationship-oriented leadership, I lately have been preforming task-oriented actions as a leader. Meanwhile this is my first time I have taken a distance education course that had involved group work. My past group work experience showed me that they were not capable to work with each other since there was a lack of communication. After many tries to encourage my group members and showing them the what can happen if they don’t cooperate, I noticed that all they needed was instructions and they would just do their part of the section. Understanding what was happening between us, the best leadership style to use in this case was Directive style since this will impact our grades. Although there wasn’t that much problems with the responsibilities of their role and the tasks were finished by the due date. However, the effort and quality of the work did not meet to the rubric standard that we targeted. Unfortunately, I was unable to understand my group at a more in-depth level, their goals and as well as their strengths and weaknesses. weaknesses.
Lastly, the two situations above mentioned the limitation of focusing on one approach. In order for the leader to succeed, he or she must consider both task and relationship actions. The leader must know what tasks are being assigned to the members. This will allow every member’s skill can be used in an effective way to find success. In conclusion, by including task and relationship actions that compliments the situation and the needs of the followers is more effective than strictly using one approach

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