Islamic Attitude and Understanding of Adoption Possibility

Published: 2021-09-12 17:45:09
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Adoption as practised by some is a lie as we all know except the one who is adopted. In Islam, truth is of the greatest value even if it apparently is bitter. One can call his/ her nephew as beta with love. But the nephew remains a nephew and both should know it. In Islam, anyone who has the ability to take care of a child can definitely do so with care to make sure that the “adopted” child knows his identity with respect to his parents and the parents of his “adopted” siblings. That is because the rights of the “adopted” child are not merely on wealth of his caretaker but more important on his rights to take care of his real parents when he can and also the rights to marry to a person of his/ her choice. For example, if he / she is kept in dark about his / her real siblings, they may fall in love and get married to siblings.
Hence the misgivings of the so called adoption can lead to a shock or deception in a totally unjust stance just for the sake of making a claim by the adopter that he / she has adopted someone! The adopter has no rights to play with the rights of the adopted. Hence to avoid the complications when truth comes out or does not come out later in life, adoption is not recognised in Islam. It does not mean, one cannot transfer the responsibility of growing up of a child to anyone who deserves and is capable. For example if my sister has no children and deemed medically unfit to bear the burden of pregnancy, I can always lend her one of my five children with permission of my wife. Or if my wife is barren yet very fond of children, a friend can always transfer one of his / her twins to be taken care with full responsibility.Such things do happen in real life without hiding the truth. Islam gives very high importance to orphans and their well being.A orphan in true islamic rule will never be neglected and would be taken care of better than a person’s own children.
But when it comes to giving a child a family name a person cannot do it as he is genetically not his father and moreover it’s injustice to the child’s own deceased parents as their family name is suddenly taken over by some name.
Moreover it also is injustice to a person’s own children as they will have to part with what was rightfully theirs.
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