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Published: 2021-09-13 15:05:08
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Over the last decade, social networking websites have grown into a technology that allows us to connect and communicate with almost anyone. This technology has become a daily use for most people. Social media allows us to communicate with people across the world. It has the ability to allow people to follow and connect with their passion. You are accepted on social media no matter who you are and there are always people who you can connect with. Social networking websites are not corrosive to the ‘real’ community as they allow you to express yourself, give a foundation to market a business, and communicate/create relationships (friendships).
First Body Social Media is one of the biggest ways to express one’s self. People find it easier to express themselves through social media, since they are less likely to feel embarrassed online, rather than in person (BBC 2013). It is through social media that we can post videos of ourselves enjoying our passions, and doing the activities that interest us. On Twitter, we are able to post our opinion on a topic or discussion. This allows the user to engage in discussions with others and talk with people that share the same values or hobbies. On Facebook, we can constantly update our status to allow others to know what’s going on in our life, whether we’re in school, in a relationship, our hobbies, etc. (Nick Barricella 2012). YouTube is a great platform to express one’s self because each user post videos of whatever they want. This can range from daily vlogs to reviews on products, to gameplay. People from all over the world have the opportunity to view this and can also comment on your post and give feedback. Through YouTube we can follow people we like to watch and it’s a great way to learn about anything. Social media is an excellent way for shy people to communicate as it gives them the opportunity to show people who they are (Akhona 2012).Second Body When starting a business, the most important aspect to take into account is brand awareness, and getting the name out there (Jason DeMers 2014). Social media can help a great amount since the user is able to create an account for the business and start advertising right away free of charge. The user has the ability to get help from others, maybe friends, who are willing to promote the brand. With social media, the user has multiple services to market the brand and bring in people from all services. The more content the user puts on social media throughout all services, the more costumers will come and visit the brand (Jason DeMers 2014). Social media can make it very easy to bring in new consumers as all it takes is for them to scroll through their feed and see the brand (Jason DeMers 2014).
Third Body One of the biggest advantages of social media is the connections and friendships you have. Facebook is the best place for this since most people have a Facebook account. Facebook allows us to get in touch with anyone so long as they have a Facebook account. Facebook gives the opportunity for people to get in touch with long lost friends, which for some people is a great feeling. Before social media, there was no way to search a person and find out about their life, and rekindle that friend you lost contact with. Social media is a great way of making friends since we are able to communicate with whom we feel comfortable with or have the same hobbies and interests (Gennean). A survey was conducted to find out how many friendships started online for teens of the ages 13 to 17. 57% of friendships started online whether it was social media, online gaming, or digital venues (APO 2015). These numbers indicate that majority of friendships start online which is surprising as teens between these ages are in school with hundreds of people to meet. Social Media is also a place to create relationships. A big social media app that contributes to this is Tinder. On Tinder, one is able to create a profile of their interests, and pictures on them.
The next step is to find someone by liking his or her profile. If that same person likes them back it’s a match. Tinder will automatically link you to people in a certain range. This allows the user to meet with people they choose to meet based on looks and their interests alone. Through this social media one can easily create a relationship based their interests (Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic 2014). Conclusion Social media has been one of the biggest growing industries in the last decade. Where else can we communicate with people around the world and connect with people that have the same interests? Social media is the place where anyone should feel free to post whatever he or she wants. Only through social media can a person express him or herself, market their own business, and create friendships/relationships.

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