Advantages of Travelling Abroad

Published: 2021-09-10 12:25:09
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Travelling abroad today is a usual thing for most families especially when these travel include leaving their comfort zone for a period of time, people learn innumerable things and also get to meet other different people when they visit foreign countries.
Language barrier is completely off: in South Africa almost everyone speaks English. Interaction is made easy with foreign indigene of the land this way since they don’t speak foreign languages.Elegant and Unique culture: being a country with major blend of people of all kinds whose ancestry trace way back to Asia, Europe and majorly Africa. There exists a mix of culture, foods of different types are sold here, for this purpose South Africa is known as “Rainbow Nation” this is because it’s a combination of various languages and culture living together as one nation. It’s history dates back to the early humans and the story goes as far as the recent integration of the Europeans, various mixed culture locations can be visited mostly inorder to experience the various stages of history.
lovely Beaches: families can spend time at the popular beaches we have here at south Africa, example of some of these popular shores are: coffee bay, city centre, camps bay close, Boulders beach and Rocktail bay. Here tourist and indigenes chill on the beach enjoying the sun and watching the ocean waves wash back and forth to the shores.
Modern cities: it’s capital cities-Johannesburg, cape town and Pretoria- are very advanced cities and have services that would be met only in European countries, Cape Town is one of the most international cities in the world, a conglomerate synchronization of people, food and culture. It’s one of the most visited in African it’s a must visit in South Africa and a great reason to visit south Africa as a whole.
Wildlife and game reserves: they’ve got those wild animals we get to see and learn about on documentary stations on sight, some of these animals include: Lion, Buffalo, leopard, meerkats, wild dogs, hyenas and even Ostrich (some of which can be ridden) there are public and private wildlife and game reserves all with peculiar scenes, great climate and landscape. Among all these wildlife park, Kruger National Park stands out as the largest and most famous.
Photography landscape: with some very spectacular landmarks, South Africa is said to be the worlds third most biodiverse country and also happens to be the only country in the world holding her own floral kingdom. It’s a haven for taking pictures and is loved and deeply appreciated by people with great affection and respect for beautiful scenery, there are mini deserts, multiple mountain range, forests and savanna areas. For a tourist at south Africa taking pictures becomes a daily routine.
Adventure filled: it’s is a great destination for thrill seekers. When it comes to adrenaline activity south Africa satisfies tourists with different activities to choose from skydiving to hiking, mountain biking, rafting, kite surfing, paragliding, scuba diving and many more. The climate is great and there is always a scenery to catch sights at every stop. The world is a book that must be read.
Affordability for every wallet size: there is great value for every amount affordable. Meaning irrespective of how much your budget is, there is a very big package in stall for visitors there are homestays too. From the luxurious involvement in private game resort to a low budget safari in Kruger national park, from very expensive mountain hiking to free hikes in the mountains, from a 5-7 star suites to dormitory bed in a hostel. There is just the perfect package for anyone and everyone when touring south Africa.
Family Package: it’s a great place for family visits during vacation. The hygiene level over there is really high and little or no medication is required to travel over there not to mention the world class infrastructure that could be sighted when visited. There are caterers for family and friend in terms of food and accommodation, the kids aren’t left out as there are lots of fun packages for them such as swimming, hiking and huge plays on trampolines found in the parks. For all first time visits to the African continent, South Africa is the first stop.
Whale sighting: South Africa is one of the best locations in the world for whale watching, this can be done either on a boat or from the coaster line shores. Yearly multiple species of whales migrate from the cold water(antartica) to the warmer area swimming through south Africas water, most popular area to view this whales swim is Hermanus where they are seen from the shores swimming at the bay.
4×4 culture: for lovers of off-road travel they’ll love south Africa, the very famous Sani pass should only be visited with a 4×4 vehicle. Even the nature parks are best explored by 4×4 vehicles.

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