American Sniper – a Story of Chris Kyle

Published: 2021-09-15 16:20:10
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American Sniper is based on a true story based on an ex-Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Chris is a man from Texas who sees the damage that people in al Qaeda are causing and instantly decides that he wants to become a SEAL and go make a difference and go fight for his country. While going through all of the training that it takes to become a navy seal he meets his future wife Taya inside of a bar when he is stationed in California. He grew up hunting and being just an all-around outdoorsman his whole life in Texas and had a strong love for his country everyone that he talks to about becoming a navy SEAL and they say that he is crazy he always say “I’d lay down my life for my country.” Little does everyone on that soon Chris Kyle will soon become the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history. He went on to serve 4 tours in Iraq.
Chris Kyle enlists into the military to then go through rigorous training which was very hard then he succeeded at it and went on to go through sniper school. He’s horrified by the terrorists’ atrocities by al Qaeda in the Middle East and wants to be deployed as soon as possible. It takes almost 2 years for him to get deployed. During this time he trains rigorous and also carries on to marry Taya then not too long after his new wife and him get back from their honeymoon he goes on his first tour to the Persian gulf where he works with SEALs team 3 too raid Iraqi oil tankers who are suspected of taking oil out of the country. He works towards the goal of Iraqi freedom by raiding houses, securing oil fields, and fighting small groups of insurgents. Kyle returns to Iraq, which has been liberated from Saddam Hussein. The country is full of dangerous insurgents, and Kyle and the SEALs work hard to make the city of Fallujah safe. Kyle also spends a short time near the Euphrates River, where he provides sniper backup for U.S. Marines. Kyle and his platoon are next transferred to the city of Baghdad, where they’re tasked with protecting democratic officials as the country prepares for its first elections. Privately, Kyle believes that democracy will never catch on in Iraq. He endures a few minor injuries during his time in Baghdad, but refuses to seek medical attention — he knows that seeing a doctor is a recipe for being sent home. On his third tour, Kyle amasses a huge number of insurgent kills, and begins to acquire a reputation as a superb soldier. Back in the U.S. again, Kyle begins to bond with his son. However, he and Taya continue to have marital problems, especially after Taya learns that Chris is planning on reenlisting in the military. Taya warns Chris that if he does so, she’ll know that he values the SEALs more highly than he values his wife and child. Nevertheless, Kyle reenlists. A few days before Kyle leaves for Iraq, Taya has an emergency C-section, and gives birth to their second child, a baby girl.
Kyle is deployed to Sadr City, where he and his fellow SEALs raid houses and fight a group of insurgents called the Mahdi Army. While fighting in Sadr City, Kyle has several close calls with death one day, he’s shot in the back, and the force of a bomb throws him to the ground. Violence is escalating in Sadr City, and Kyle tells his superiors that the military needs to fight harder, rather than trying to win the “hearts and minds” of moderate civilians. So he gets pissed, his superiors ignore his suggestions. Kyle finally ships out of Iraq in 2008.
He’s tempted to reenlist, but ultimately decides not to because of his promise to Taya. Back in the U.S., he reunites with Ryan Job, with whom he remains good friends until Job’s tragic death from surgical complications. He wants to help other soldiers like himself with PTSD Kyle also founds a shooting school with an old friend. He cuts back on drinking, goes to counseling with Taya, and decides that he wants to remain married to her. Looking back, he decides that his time in the SEALs has made him a stronger, better man. Ultimately at the end he was murdered by another soldier with PTSD that he was just trying to help.
The protagonist, narrator, and author of American Sniper, Chris Kyle was the deadliest sniper in American history. Stationed in Iraq as a Navy SEAL for several years in the mid-2000s, Kyle shot over a hundred “insurgents,” winning medals and commendations for his actions. In the book, we learn about Kyle’s military service, his long, difficult relationship with his wife, Taya Kyle, and his struggle to overcome the traumas of combat and adjust to civilian life. Kyle’s life came to a tragic ending after the publication of American Sniper: a mentally disturbed veteran named Eddie Ray Routh shot and murdered Kyle, for reasons that remain unclear. For many, the greatest challenge of reading American Sniper will be deciding what to think of Chris Kyle. On one hand, Kyle was clearly a brave man who risked his life to defend his country and keep his family safe from harm. On the other hand, there’s a convincing case to be made that Kyle was a racist, a bully, and a sadist, who bragged about shooting Iraqi “savages,” and wished that he could have shot even more people than he did.
Whatever one comes to think of Kyle, his life and career paints a vivid portrait of the War on Terror and the wounds, both physical and psychological, that soldiers endure after combat. Taya Kyle is the co-narrator of American Sniper. Taya meets Kyle while Kyle is still training to become a SEAL, and they get married shortly before Kyle deploys to Iraq for the first time. Taya loves Kyle intensely, and she struggles with her feelings about Kyle’s military service. On one hand, she admires her husband for his loyalty to his country; on the other, she’s furious with him for refusing to give up the SEALs and spend more time with her, even after they become parents. In all, Taya’s voice is a vital part of American Sniper. She adds a civilian’s perspective to the story of Kyle’s experiences in the Middle East, and her suffering as Kyle’s wife underscores the basic tension of the book: between loyalty to one’s country and loyalty to one’s family.
A SEAL serves in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and one of Kyle’s closest friends. Marcus Luttrell was involved in one of the most famous operations of the War on Terror, Operation Red Wings. During this military action, Taliban soldiers ambushed Luttrell and his fellow SEALs, and Luttrell was the lone survivor of the attack. Luttrell went on to pen a book about his experiences in the war, lone survivor.
Chris Kyle made the choice to join the military therefore after he did that he automatically limited the amount of time that he would be able to spend with his family. And also put himself at danger and other people that he was fighting along with, he also disrupted the mental well-being of his wife and kids and family all together because they were probably always worried about him and if he was going to be safe. He changed his own life and did a lot of harm to himself mentally and physically. Marcus Luttrell did pretty much the same thing that Kyle did by making the choice to fight for his country and sacrifice his own well-being he risked his life for Chris as Chris did for him which was ultimately putting himself in danger. He was ambushed by a group of Taliban soldiers and in the end he came out of that alive and that is how he got the name the lone survivor and made it through all of these things while he was also risking his life. Osama bin Laden made the choice to lead a group of terrorists and conduct such atrocities such as 9/11 and went into hiding shortly after that but was secretly he was still the leader of al Qaeda and in result of committing all of these things he was shot and killed in 2011.

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