An Assessment of the Game in Traffic

Published: 2021-09-22 02:40:09
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Playing in Traffic: Evaluation
Based on Sara Cellar’s Paper Playing in Traffic, I was able to concur that she was writing about a community in which children are in their early stages of social development. Sarah decided to observe a preschool class over the course of two weeks. The class was made up of 11 children, six girls and five boys. All of which were between 32 to 50 months of age. In Sarah’s paper she is researching the social practice known as parallel play. Young children display this practice by choosing to play near each other, but not necessarily with each other. In this research she also looks for answers to her own questions. One of which was “How accurately does play activity reflect a child’s developmental level?” Over the course of her study she was able to answer such questions.
The authors main argument is that the transition between parallel play and group play is not determined at a set developmental stage for young children, it is more mixed within their younger stages of life. To prove the relevance of her her own research, she based her findings of off others who have conclusions on the same field of research. One man Smith concluded that parallel play is “optional” so only some children will go through it. Others by the names of Bakeman and Brownlee that suggested that parallel play is actually a social adaptation that allows children to solitary into group play in specific situations. By using these men as primary sources for her research, she was able to for a stronger basis for her argument. Through her observation of the class, she started to realize that her findings more closely supported the studies of Bakeman and Brownlee.Judging by the nature of the study, preschool, a vast number of limitations are placed on Sarah’s research. Of course she is unable to know each of the children’s personal information such as how they behave at home, know if they have other siblings, and so on. Such factors have the potential to provide a different or more concise outcome for the experiment. Among countless reasons, all the same students may not be present for the entirety of the observation. After questioning the preschool teacher, Sarah was able to draw her most accurate conclusion. The teacher claimed that time to play alone is after all necessary for the children. It’s necessary because social work is hard work for children so they need “down time”. Sarah made the realization that it is better to see types of play as different tools children use to develop their mental, physical, and social skills. Thus concluding that parallel play is not a stage of development more so than it is a skill that only the child may choose to apply when in group play.
I feel that Sarah looked at this from a very adequate point of view. She took, from her observation, that parallel play was not recognized by her as a stage of development. Ofter times she used the metaphor of a highway. Parallel play is one of the skills used to “merge” into the “same lane” as other children. In two separate instances in which she observed the children, two children were able to achieve group play. In the second example one of the students was rejected by the other. From this Sarah gained the knowledge that sometimes children will use parallel play as a technique to achieve group play. At other times the children do not need the constant stimulant of others. They are content in themselves during this “down time”. To me the randomness and imperfection of it all is what makes her study relevant. The human mind is a vast and complex system. Though studies like hers bring us to a more detailed understanding. Before reading her paper, i never considered the questioned the importance of parallel play amongst children.Now i realize that it is a social skill that people have been capable of taking advantage of for the majority of their lives.

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