An Evaluation of Usechain’s Professional Team

Published: 2021-09-12 22:10:10
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Hello everyone
I was introduced to scorum by a friend few weeks ago. He told me it’s a new platform where you make sports posts and earn. I registered the next day and to be sincere, it has been a wonderful experience.Ever since I joined scorum, I love it and I have been exerting efforts to bring people into the community. I have been preaching scorum to friends, neighbours and family members because I believe in the power of scorum in powering talented individual’s sporting talents, especially in a developing country like Nigeria.
In my quest of spreading scorum to Nigerians, I have started the journey of making public awareness on my discord, facebook and twitter. The awareness has not been easy and I was glad to meet @zoneboy who became part of the movement of promoting scorum to Nigerians.
When I joined scorum few days ago, I had a little knowledge about how everything works until I read a post by @mikey and @pete few days ago, their posts were very analytical and they opened my eyes to how the scorum platform works and I know find it easy to lure people to scorum.
Today, we have created a ScorumNigeria account and whatsapp group. We have been promoting the community by sharing the link on discord, telegram, whatsApp and twitter. As at the time I’m writing this, our whatsapp group is less than 8 hours and we already have up to 60 members, and myself and @zoneboy have been guiding new members on how to navigate the platform and how to use the tags correctly. So far so good, we have over 60+ plus and more are still joining.
To promote the community, we went to a bet shop close to us today and we actually spoke to those playing virtual about scorum. We met a few people there due to the fact that we went during working hour and we were glad that at few of them were interested and they registered and we added them to our WhatsApp group. This weekend, we will be going back there when a lot of people won’t be going to work.
We use face-to-face approach to preach scorum to those living around us while we promote scorum on telegram, facebook, twitter and discord. We will soon be extending our publicity to and www.naijaloaded soon.
We will be making scorum banners for public awareness
Our Goal
ScorumNigeria aims at:

Contributing immensely to the growth of scorum
Spreading scorum to Nigerians and bringing in as many people as we can
Building a good community where unique content writers are rewarded
 Weekly reports of curated posts

To manage the community and encourage new signups, myself and @zoneboy have decided to be using our SP to curate the posts of new members just to encourage them. Although, our upvote is still insignificant but we know that things will get better as we progress. We will be very glad and will move at a fast pace if we can get delegated SP on our ScorumNigeria account.
Long live ScorumNigeria, long live scorum
Thank you all

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