An Idea of Implementing Improvements that Increase Customer Experience

Published: 2021-09-11 06:20:09
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Over the years, researchers have explored the efficiency of technological systems when implemented in the organizational setting. In many cases, researchers concentrate on the operations that can be improved through the adoption of technological devices. The advancement in technological devices results in changes in the role of human beings in workplace activities. In this sense, the use of machines causes operators to supervise and monitor operations that would require the active participation of the personnel. The complexity of the automatic systems increases with the need to reduce human errors and promote the safety of the users. As such, the project aims at the introduction of an efficient system, which improves the customer experience in a fitness complex.
The project focuses on the improvement of the gym interface to increase customer satisfaction and enhance retention. The need to keep the current members demonstrates the importance of reducing customers’ frustration, which occurs in the fitness complex. Traditionally, customers’ satisfaction increases the loyalty of the members and increases opportunities for attracting more clients from the community. The happy customers promote the success of the fitness business by referring other members to try the offered services. In the fitness setting, the sources of frustration include long waiting time, human errors, and misunderstandings. The misinterpretations arise from the interactions between the users and the trainers. Given that, the project intends to improve customer experiences through modifications to the existing system, which depends on the competencies of the instructor. The administration desk is crucial to signing up members with particular fitness needs as it allows one to access specific areas in the facility. As such, it is necessary to modify the interface to ensure efficiency in the signing up of the customers. The successful registration of members allows them to interact with the coaches and systems in various locations in the gym. The project concentrates on the modification of the system interface in the equipment room as members get frustrated with the waiting time. It is necessary to introduce system improvements that allow for sufficient communication to promote the utilization of the fitness services. The identification of the issue eliminates the potential causes of customer dissatisfaction.
Further, the users’ indication of frustrations arising from insufficient communication exposes an area of concern in the fitness business. As noted earlier, customer retention depends on the experience of the members while interacting with the personnel and services in the facility. In this sense, the project concentrates on the creation of a comprehensive source of information to assist the customers in identifying the services that fit their needs. The system should enable the users to access relevant information as they enter the gym. The project seeks to eliminate the need for visiting various departments to gather information about the services offered in the different departments in the facility. Primarily, the project focuses on improving the areas of concern for customers to initiate changes, which would promote user experiences and guarantee the retention of members. It is crucial to motivate the people as the unhappy consumers will consider other facilities for their fitness needs.
The proposed system is customer-centered as it promotes the active participation of users through collective decision making. The system includes different components to improve the users’ experience throughout the time they spend in the fitness facility. Firstly, the front desk check-in software simplifies the employee’s role in the management of members. The system allows the personnel to provide services depending on the customer expectations (Burritt and Kilara). It enhances personalized attention as the staff manages customer information from one screen to reduce movements from one department to another. In this sense, the check-in software allows the front desk attendant to determine the status of such issues as outstanding balances and the fitness need of a customer. It solves the challenge of information sharing as the receptionist can search for a client’s profile from different locations in the facility.
The need for increased customer experience requires the fitness complex to build the gym on a user interface machine. Wilson defines interfaces as the tools used to indicate the behavior of a device through visuals, sound, and perceptible functions (5). The scholar shows that interfaces determine the operator’s appropriation of resources to the activities in an organization. In the gym setting, the user needs to monitor the changes in their system to ensure safety throughout the exercise. The machine should indicate the state of the body through the display of the numerous visuals and sounds to initiate a particular action from the operator.
As such, the interface guides the users to monitor their progress and initiate desired actions through the available controls. The users’ experience depends on the ability to utilize the machines in the room equipment efficiently and safely. While the extent of using equipment depends on the behavior of a user, the proposed model provides information on how a customer can realize the optimum results. The customers need information on how to operate the equipment for maximum results. The angle of inclination in the incline trainers determines the number of calories a user can burn while walking or running (Lin and Koichi 475). The personnel should monitor the clients’ use of the equipment against their intended results to provide appropriate advice on the adjustment of the angle of inclination.
Image 1: NordicTrack Incline Trainer X15i
The project seeks the installation of automatic incline treadmills to increase user experience in the fitness complex. In particular, the installation of the NordicTrack Incline Trainer X15i provides the user with a variety of built-in fitness programs. Additionally, one can use the iFit subscription to access the online workout routines. The iFit feature allows the users to utilize the services of the well-known trainers and replicate real life training routes. The equipment enables the users to monitor their heart rate through a wireless monitoring system, which provides readings through Bluetooth. The availability of a television motivates the customers to use the facility as they follow their favorite TV shows while in the workout.
While it is necessary to initiate system improvements, the adoption depends on the customer reception about the new idea. The check-in system reduces the wait times at the reception as the receptionist accesses the user profiles at one location. In this sense, system testing begins with registration and assignment of codes to the customers on the online platform while maintaining the traditional register. The transfer of customer information happens to develop the platform to test the system resilience before mass adoption in the organization. The old-fashioned record provides a backup system in case the new scheme fails to realize the desired results. Moreover, it allows an organization to test the new structure without interrupting the services. The assessment is useful for the determination of potential vulnerabilities of the system.
The second step during the assessment is testing the system functionalities as members check into the facility. The members should utilize their codes to access the facility and make service requests. The receptionist should note the system malfunctions for necessary adjustment before implementation on a larger scale. The identification of the problems in the system allows an organization to evaluate the impact of the proposed system on service delivery. It creates the basis for the prioritization of tasks to be completed by the system. In this sense, the system should determine the membership status of a consumer and initiate such actions as acceptance to the gym and indication of the preferred fitness program.
Finally, the testing should include a customer survey to determine the level of satisfaction during the introduction of the new system. The feedback from the client survey acts as a guide to initiating changes. While it is hard to satisfy the demands of all customers, the new system should eliminate the long waiting times and improve communication between the customer and the fitness facility. The client survey demonstrates the value an organization attaches to the relationship with the customers. It facilitates collective decision-making as the customers participate in the identification of problems and the potential solutions.
In general, customer satisfaction assists a business to retain its consumers as well as attract the new ones. The project is focused on implementing improvements that increase customer experience. The customer desires to access the facility easily and interact with a variety of services in the facility. Additionally, the project describes the necessary improvements in the traditional method of operations. The new system intends to reduce customer frustrations through the promotion of efficiency. It increases the human-machine interaction through proper education of the users.

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