An Important Role of National Parks

Published: 2021-09-11 19:45:10
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National Parks
A national park is like a special box filled with truly unique and precious treasures. When you see a national park on a postcard, television or in a movie, the first thing that probably springs to your mind is, “Wow! That is really beautiful!” But actually being at a national park and seeing it in person is even more wonderful and breathtaking. For many of us, the zoo is an educating and inspiring place to see interesting animals. But imagine that same thrill in the wild – in an animal’s habitat– like the forest, the wild grass meadows and prairies, lakes and ponds, and mountain valleys.
In national parks, animals stay healthy and safe in their natural environment and help people to appreciate and coexist in harmony with nature. Planning a family picnic? Parks are a great choice for family outings. You can watch as geysers explode, go fishing, hike on fabulous trails, swim or canoe. Best of all, you can explore and see beautiful wildlife such as birds, bears, elk, and deer. In addition, national parks teach people who are not familiar with the outdoors about nature, wildlife, conservation, and preservation. The more we go to parks, the more we can teach our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren about the history, culture and heritage hidden inside them, so the more parks we visit, the more our generation will appreciate them.National parks are fun places to learn about things that you could never experience anywhere else. We have to take good care of them, or else they will become ruined by litter, smoke, and extinct wildlife population, among other causes. It is important to follow all the park rules when we visit, because the survival of wildlife depends on the choices we make to help our parks. We the people own the national parks. They are ours. That is why we need to protect our parks and preserve them forever.
I have some great ideas to protect our parks for the future. First, national parks should tap into the youth culture with popular celebrities. The fact is, too many of this generation enjoy playing video games, or watching television all day long. While national parks can use this fact to their advantage, it also proves that we need to get the youth of America off the couch and outside, to prevent raising a generation of sofa potatoes.
Since many people like to watch television, national parks could enlist the help of personalities on TV shows with large youth audiences, who would inform the millions of people who are watching about the beauty of national parks and remind them to help parks by donating money, volunteering, or even just by visiting. In addition, there could be star autograph signings taking place at national parks as an added incentive to visit the great outdoors. Posters advertising those signings could be put on websites, magazines, brochures, or any media exposure.
A national parks video game would also be popular. The player might have to save the endangered animals, as well as defeat smokers, litterbugs, and people who feed the wildlife or people who do not put out their campfires. Another idea for a video game is to create an “obstacle course” around a map of national parks, including obstacles such as a herd of elk, bears, a stream, a waterfall, or natural disasters such as forest fires and storms.
National parks are important to our country and to the world, and we need to make sure they are here for the future, for our children and theirs.The regal head of a queen overlooks the vast Bryce Canyon, seemingly protecting them.

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