Architecture as a Field of My Future Professional Development

Published: 2021-09-10 15:05:10
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Over the years and the course of my personal development, I have realized the importance of education. Therefore I have always sort of means by which I could attain higher education qualifications. I am aware that education is not only required as a medium for achieving knowledge but it also serves as a medium for the creation of a prominent legacy for the future generation. Based on the above-discussed notions, it is important to mention that I am currently studying the international baccalaureate at the South Island School and the knowledge I have acquired over the years cannot be overemphasized.
I believe that I have gained a broad range of experience and to a large extent, I am ready to take the future regarding my career and a general sense of commitment also to social responsibility. As a result of my current study, my primary area of focus includes mathematics, English, geography, design technology, and biology. It is also important to mention that as an individual, I am characterized by a sense of creativity and motivated by the need to ensure improvement in my endeavors hence I am interested in recreational activities such as swimming and avid photography. It is important to state that my ultimate desire is to attain a degree in architecture. I am aware that architecture is one of the noblest professions in the world; members of this field are respected and valued all over the world for their immense contributions. However, there are some reasons behind my intense desire to attain this goal. Firstly, I am driven by a sense of creativity and improvement. I would like to create new architectural designs of world-class standards, provide a higher level of value and comfort for members of the general public. Secondly, my desire for the attainment of a degree in architecture developed on the basis of the value and importance I place in the roles of architects.I am aware that these professionals are responsible for the planning, reviews, and designs of building construction. I am also mindful of the massive level of architectural breakthroughs that have been recorded in the profession over the years and in the recent times. But for me it would be a great honor to be part of this noble profession that has offered innumerable contributions to the human race. Lastly, when I was a child I always wanted to offer valuable contributions to society. I have looked for ways by which my activities and career would be of benefit to humanity. The attainment of a degree in architecture provides me an avenue to achieve the above-stated goal. The knowledge and experience acquired from this study will offer the chance of improving on old architectural designs and creating modern, innovative outputs. Thus meeting the requirements of today’s contemporary society, easing the way of life, and providing a sound pedestrian for future improvements. In conclusion, I believe that with my current level of knowledge coupled with my motivation I am prepared for what it takes to achieve success in the field. As mentioned earlier the desire to study architecture is borne out of my value for the importance of the functions associated with the profession and also based on my long-term desire to be of benefit to members of the society. Hence an acceptance to study in this field offers me the avenue of attaining the above-stated goals.

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