An Investigation on Factors Affecting Project Productivity in Construction Environment in Kenya

Published: 2021-09-10 18:35:08
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This chapter gives a summary of the findings as analyzed in chapter four. It also covers discussions, conclusion, recommendation and area for further study.The study investigated factors affecting project productivity environment in the construction industry in Kenya. The study used Nairobi region since it is has the most ongoing construction sites at 60% and the challenges experienced in Nairobi are the same as other places. Descriptive sample survey was used reason being the study intended to measure the respondent’s views about factors affecting productivity environment. Also random sampling was used to select respondents.
Summary of the Main Findings
The study revealed that the working environment in construction sites affected workers performance either by boosting it or lowering it. From the findings employee performance feedback at 92% was the factor that mostly affected the productivity and supervisors support at 90% which shows that in any construction site if the workers get the support they need and are given feedback they perform better. According to the respondents, after support from the management job aid is also very important as it gives direction on what needs to be done and how it should be done. Training at 85% does affect how workers perform but mostly the employer often higher qualified labor and training helps when new technologies arise which plays a role in helping workers understand their job responsibilities and motivate them to enhance performance. Training on safety and health is very important as it affects workers the most on site. Work incentives are a great of way motivating the workers and it plays a role on improving productivity, and lastly physical work environment at 75% according to the respondents and their experience in the industry noted that construction sites are hazardous places to work in and only preventive measures can be put in place. Provision of training on safety and health to the workers help reduce accidents and injuries.

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