An Overview of Eforex India Platform

Published: 2021-09-11 19:15:10
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Nowadays Forex is the emerging sector, where every brand wants to be on top in the FX market. If we do the analysis based on the Indian market, then Eforex India is one of the renewed companies. They are also known as Treasury consulting company and its headquarter is located in New Delhi, India, but its regulatory bodies are located across the globe.
Eforex India are professional traders who all are best in their sector and believe in the concept of consulting with the largest corporate houses across the country. They aim on delivering cloud based digital terminal of FX market to all the importers, exporters, and the corporates, who will incorporate these live rates to communicate with their respective banks and overseas counterparts.This product is offered by limited companies. They are highly expensive and do not require any hardware to run. It is basically a programmed data that can be directed from Eforex India server to another server directly in a file format. Later, it can be integrated to the corresponding software or website. The mode of technology that is used by the provider to extend the API is highly secured and extremely important as it extends direct to your own server.
Eforex India realized the need to not only offer this information over the net to middle level companies on an affordable basis but also customized the interface so as to allow conversions of currencies and forwards usable for any skillset.
The evolution of technology available on the net allowed the company to introduce several features and analytical tools which enabled the user to access global news which included analysis, thus enabling them to take actions based on these recommendations and charting tools for his own studies. The live terminals now offer more than 160 currency pairs and pre-converted forwards in five major currencies and used by the majority of the banks and corporate segment across Asia.
The company kept pace with the amazing progress in Financial Technologies over the last five years and became a lead content provider for leading financial portals which included currencies, news and convertors. Today the customized currency APIs in any currency pair and combinations, offered in all compatible formats and premium support is the preferred by most FFMCs, MTS and financial portals and is one of the largest API providers across the globe. Likewise, it’s unique & live currency convertor is seen on most financial portals and rated to be the fastest convertor in its segment.
The company specializes in the Money Exchange and International Money Transfer Segment and introduced digital platforms for market players, enabling them to offer online products through its integrated
SaaS platform and thus aggregating this market for travellers who could avail of foreign exchange and currency cards from money exchange companies over their mobile devices at the best exchange rates.
The Consulting wing of the company is specializes in Treasury Solutions for large corporate, exporters and importers and advises on Risk Policies, Outsourced Treasury dealing facilities, real time trading facilities, currency Futures, structured products & derivatives and is the undoubtedly the largest company in this segment. It also specializes in International money transfer consulting services and boasts of largest global players as its clients.
The company is recognized by most global authorities in Risk Management and is now offers its services in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Middle East and South East Asia. The company continues to be headed by its Founder Mr. Soumya Dutta who had earlier worked with the banking and financial industry and had envisaged this product long before the age of digitization and is respected as the pioneer in this segment.
The company is now poised to introduce innovative treasury and digital money transfer products, which has been developed after years of research using new age digital platforms and this is expected to revolutionize the world of money transfer in terms and cost and speed and consolidate its place in the digital world of tomorrow.

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