Analysis of African Origins of Humanity in Ways of Human Adaptation from Africa to Eurasia and Australia

Published: 2021-09-29 21:05:09
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This paper will argue that the analysis of African origins of humanity in ways of human adaptation from Africa to Eurasia and Australia. In the textbook Patterns of World History disagrees with recent scholarship on Arthur, Byerlee and Tomasell. African origins of humanity in ways of human adaptation from Africa to Eurasia and Australia. The true meaning behind the true meaning behind the origin of man is one of the most difficult questions asked. There are many different aspects that go into understanding the true meaning behind this phrase. In the article started out but talking about a man named Donald Johnson and how they came across bones that have been linked back to a skeleton that was from 3.2 million years ago that was known as Lucy. In the textbook, it talks about how our ancestors years ago that lived on the hominin side of the chimpanzee. Many of them used to climb trees to move around and to get from point A to point B.
In the textbook, it states how they can flex their hind legs as they stood on branches. This quote stuck out to me because in the article it doesn’t state how many chimpanzees were able to get around it doesn’t even mention that they were able to flex their hind legs. Another big statement that stuck out to me was that hundreds of fossils that appeared from Ethiopia. This statement from the textbook explains the reason behind the sighting of the skeleton of Lucy. Due to the previous studies many of these fossils have been uncovered in Kenya and just about the whole skeleton of Lucy was found in Ethiopia. Without the tools that our ancestors built and created that we use today, we would not be able to discover all the spontaneous items that found those days. One thing that I read was that About 2.5 million years ago the making process of creating tools started the first tool that was known to be created was the Oldowan tool. But this tool only lasted unfortunately a couple of years. But however, this lead on to making better tools called Acheulian. As it describes in the book that Acheulean tools were oval hand axes. This quote describe explains is a hard rock and on both sides are the triangularly shaped head ax. These were used for chopping up and cutting because of the sharp edges it had. It’s the way that we live and progress throughout the origin of human culture in 11,000 BCE talks about human cultures and traits that that many of the African humans adapted too. Many hominins had to searched meat from animals that had been killed. The meaning behind this talk about how hominins didn’t go out hunting for their meat because they had no weapon to be able to kill their prey. Until H.erectus introduced the first spear which was used for scavenging and hunting. Theses spears containing chipped off flakes with a sharpened hammered prepared stone. Males usually did most of the hunting and gathering for plants and foods. They were known as being “forager society”. This word forager society typically means to hunt and gather food. which many of the men brought back to their homes. Many of the homes that they lived in consist of little caves entrances where rocks overhung. In other words, they were known as a caveman. The clothing that they wore every day basically consists of skin and fur that were skinned from animals that were hunted or already killed. During the cold nights, they served roast meat to help keep warm all throughout the night. Just over 140,00 years ago they gathered and prepared the food that they eat by catching fish in lakes and in nearby rivers. The tools that they invented and used to hunt and kill where carved bones, hooks and barbed spikes that were attached to spears.
Relationships were very much less specialized compared to urban society. males and females spent most of their time gathering food like vegetal. Neither one or the other was more dominant than the other Males and females were both equally balanced at the time. Many anthropologists believed that males become will have learned to become dominant around the time that the warring kingdoms emerged in the middle east. But the last name Marija Gimbutas who is also an archaeologist believed that aggressive war like male dominance as she describes would come in herds of horses that in this article it talks about much about the way they lived their everyday lives. This quote that Marija Gimbutas mentions in the book meant that man dominance will not come in war but in peace.
Migration from Africa human groups started from the south Asia and worked their way to Australia. Australia is perhaps to be the smallest, but it is tens across the geographical zones. Around 70,000 -60,00 years ago around the ice age there were a connected bridge with was attached to south Asia and connected to north Indonesia. This bridge allowed travelers to raft while still being able to keep a visual of land while sailing. This help many travelers from getting lost and stuck at sea. Soon the H.Sapiens group had begun to traveling to Australia where Australia became heavily populated. Many of the Africans hunted game but the game in Australia was very much different from where they came from and used to hunting.
The article states that African hunted game. This is saying that the game back in Africa had more of a profusion of dangerous animals. But in Australia the game was a lot less aggressive and dangerous which lead to many of the African taking advantage of many animals that lead many of the biggest animals that were hunted to become extinct. One on the biggest problem for African was when bow arrows came into existence but was too for many migrants to bring with them while they travel. The reason that I say this was a problem is that where they they were migrating to eel is a high source of protein. With lead the two working together to make traps for foods like fish in rivers and lakes. Traps were made from nets made from bulrush fiber. The ideas that I cover in writing this paper talks about migration and how they first started out leading to where they have traveled. I stated talking about how they migrate from many different places from all over the world creating tools. Also talking about place, they visited and how they lived and survived on an everyday basis to living in trees to living to caves. I talked about in this paper how many of our ancestor have migrated Africa and traveled to Europe. I talk about an old bone skeleton at the beginning of the article that talked about the story of Lucy. I went one into details on where the skeleton was founded and who it was discovered by.
I find have come to a disagreement with the journal article reason that I states this is because. Many of the journal articles that are explained on jstor a talk about how migrants traveled from these places. but not all of them goes in to specific details with it focuses on more of a broad view. Just having such of a broad view to talk about you can’t elaborated from. To compare it to a textbook which gives me statements and artifacts and goes in to details. In this case I feel that I would have to come to a disagreement with the journal articles.

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