Analysis of My Personal Goals

Published: 2021-09-10 21:30:09
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Success cannot be measured. It does not lie within letters or grades, nor does it lie with money and fame. Success is merely satisfaction, such as when a hobbyist finishes that model plane they were working on or when a druggie finally gets enough money to buy their next high, both are just based on perspective. Now, our education system attempts to measure overall intelligence with a series of courses taught in a singular way with the sole goal of achieving a good grade, instead of learning, as education is meant to be. I understand it seems that I am digressing into an entirely different subject to the one intended, but there is reason behind this introduction of what could be considered a controversial subject. While I do not particularly like the way the education system is, I cannot change that currently so I play along with it. Now, I bring this up because my goals are not entirely usual, in the sense that I do not strive to get a good grade (although it wouldn’t hurt), but rather, to learn and gain wisdom. My goals may be odd and out of the norm, they are mine and I take pride in them.
Invention. I have always been astounded by such ingenuity, by the difficulty and length of time it can take one to achieve such a thing. But one of the things I never understood as a child, and still do not understand, is why those such as Archimedes and Edison are revered for their inventions, yet, people like John Flanagan and J.R.R. Tolkien are not equally revered for creating characters that can make one feel a vast range of fierce emotions. It truly baffles me. Such an ability inspires me, for I, too, wish release such characters into the wilderness known as literature. By becoming a better writer, I will gain the means to better formulate a way to share with world the characters that lie deep within the maddening chaos that I call my mind. How I plan to do it, I do not know, but where there is will, there is a way.Now, reading has always been a large part of my life. I have read and finished many a series, and have even lost track of the some of their sequels that I may have been waiting for. As I read more and more, I not only began developing my own moral code, but I also got pickier. I’ve read so many books that I can’t seem to find very many others that I like, which is unfortunate and extremely frustrating. While mystery, comedy, and fantasy/adventure are my favorite genres, I am open to all other genres, as long as I find said book interesting and engaging. I have been reading comics and manga lately to fulfill my lack reading, but sometimes it’s just not enough. I miss being able to pick up a book, find it intriguing, then sit down and finish it in 4 hours, then put it away. So one of my biggest goals is to find a good book, and I figured if an English teacher can’t help me, then who the hell can?
My third and final goal is one that is similar my second in the fact it involves reading. I wish to gain perspective. I want to reanalyse a book I have already read and to have input from other people who view the book in a different way. The reason I chose this as a goal is that it gets boring being the only one knowing what you are talking about. I want to have other people’s perspective and hear their interpretations of various works of literature, so that I can see things in a new way. In order to do this though, I will most likely have to go out of my way to read books that others have read instead of hoping other people have read books that I know. It may be difficult at first, but overall, I think it will help expand my learning capacity.
This paper was exceedingly difficult as I only hold one true goal for myself when it comes to education, and that is to learn. Knowledge is not always pretty, I realize that, but that has never stopped me from wanting to learn before. As I continue through this class, I will hope that it will become less and less about assignments, essays, and whatnot, and more about learning. To understand the perspectives of not only characters, but of those who made them is in and of itself, a gift. One that I wish to not only receive, but also, to one day give. This class will hopefully be an interesting one.

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