Analysis of the Documentaries Considering Environmental Issues

Published: 2021-09-15 05:55:08
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Food Inc.
Food Inc. is a very enlightening going on and talking about how there are very few companies in the meat industry that control almost all of the meat, how it’s processed, and how it looks. The main reason for this is the fast food industry which has only been popular since the 1950’s but has grown faster than any food industry we’ve ever seen. Seemingly the health and safety of these newly mass-produced food products are overlooked. They just throw the food on the assembly line, they don’t care if the animal is sick or not they want to maximize profit. All of this is supposedly overlooked by the government in an effort to provide cheap food regardless of the negative consequences, even if they are making advances using science and technology. Also, slaughterhouses have dropped from almost 10,000 to 13 since the 1960’s and this is to prevent anymore e coli outbreaks.
The problems discussed in this film are that there are only a few companies that own basically all of the markets for the foods and even the small farms have to basically work for them. A solution offered to combat this was to give the smaller farms more stake in the food industry, but I feel like that would slow our economy and possibly mess up the fast food industry because you’d have to have food coming in from literally everywhere instead of just a few places. This could possibly cause more differentiation in the food products being sold nationwide. You may not be able to go into a McDonald’s here in Ohio and in California and get the same tasting burger. Feeding a growing population was addressed because they were finding out ways to make as much food as possible in order to feed our ever-growing and quickening population. But they want to do the same while using a lot more companies.Ecosystem Diversity was also addressed because that’s where they used the cows, and how they are being forced to eat this corn even though they have evolved to eat grass, but the smaller farms still like to feed the cows grass, even though the corn is much, much cheaper and produced with such ease in the US. This documentary was very biased and they seemed to hate capitalism. They want to spread the wealth and take it away from the top businesses. They didn’t seem to mention how it could be better this way because of more consistency, among other things.
A Plastic Ocean
A plastic ocean is a documentary made by Craig Leeson searching for blue whales, and while they are going thru the ocean they get caught up around in a bunch of trash and spillage. They then team up with freedivers to visit 20 locations over 4 years and find just how trash ridden our ocean truly is and reveal solutions that actually work. Plastic is so widely used because it is durable and cheap, but it being so durable is what is ruining our ocean because it is almost impossible to break down, and even when it is broken down there is still microplastic affecting the plankton and other tiny sea creature… and even whales because they open their mouths and just suck everything up. The problem with this is that all this trash can take over the water and kill all of our sea creatures, which would ruin a lot of nation’s’ economy. Potential solutions would be limiting your plastic use, such as reusing plastic containers and not using disposable plastic products.
There is also a new technology that’s being used which can take the plastic and turn it into fuel, which would be great for us, as we seem to be going thru oil like a bag of potato chips. This chips into land conservation options because we need to conserve and restore the ocean back into its former glory and it also goes with. It also goes with global water resources and uses because this is all about the ocean and the conservation of its beauty and how we need it to survive. The documentary was a little biased but it definitely went into why plastic has made our lives so much easier and they understand why we would want to use it, that’s why none of their solutions involves completely removing plastic from our daily lives.
King Corn
King Corn is about 2 friends who get an acre of corn, which is the crop that runs our fast food nation. With the help of farmers, genetically modified seeds, and powerful herbicides they are able to grow the crop, but when they follow their crop into the food system they find something that disturbs them about how we eat and how we farm. A problem brought up is how you lose money but the US government pays you what you lose and then some just for growing corn, so there is so much reason to grow corn if you’re a farmer and it’s why the majority of crops being grown in the US is corn. A solution would be for the US government to do that for more crops rather than just corn.
Human Population was addressed because we need to use this corn to help feed this growing population that we have. There also was Agriculture because we were growing the corn to feed the human population. The documentary was pretty unbiased they offered a fair view from all perspectives of this situation. That’s something you can appreciate about it even if it didn’t really surprise you at all. Books: Silent Spring The main point of this story is all living things live together why do humans get to pollute the environment and ruin the lives of many other animals. She goes thru this whole novel offering potential fixes to these pollution problems that us humans have created. Carson looks at the potentially harmful effects of pesticides on crops and gives actual cases of contamination from these pesticides and she also gives an overarching argument which is that the human race needs to fit into the ecosystem, because right now we’re way outside of it doing whatever we want to do and that will just hurt and could never help the planet. This book uses ecosystem diversity because she says that we need to have the diversity in our ecosystem to thrive as a planet, and as a human race, and the damage we’re doing just hurts us. It also uses global change because she talks about how humans are causing a lack of biodiversity. This book is definitely biased towards the idea that humans are horrible for the planet and they do not help it at all and we basically just need to stop living or else we’ll just destroy everything in sight.

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