Analyzing Quentin Taxation's Reservoir Dogs

Published: 2021-09-22 02:05:08
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One great movie that was made in the early nineties was Reservoir Dogs. The story was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. During the movie there are great uses of photography, mise-en-scene, movement, editing, and the way the story was wrote. If you have every seen a Quentin Tarantino movie you might know that he like giving the story in a backwards fashion. He starts in the middle and later gives you the beginning of the story. This is one of my top favorite movies of all time, if you have a chance to watch it then I say you do. It is movie that really makes you think and have to watch the whole movie just to make sure you got it all right.
Here I am going to tell you the story in the correct order of things and then though out my paper I will go thought the movie in the order that Tarantino did. This is where it all started there is a L.A. policeman and he is trying to go undercover to get a busted on a crime lord named Joe. Frank the cop makes up this fake story to tell the crime lord to make him sound like a real crook. While Frank is waiting to find out if he is in or out, Joe is gathering other to help in his next plot. It is a six-man job and Joe is getting everyone he truth in his business. He talks with enough guys to pull the job off and ten they all meet each other for the first time and start planning the job. They all get names and they are Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange, and Mr. White. This is so they do not know you each other are. They have to wait till the day when the diamonds come to the store, so they are checking out the plan and going over it and also having conversations at diners. Next they pull off the job, but Frank, Mr. Orange, had them set up and the cops were on them in no time.This is the part of the story that gets interesting, because now there is on there own to run from the cops. Mr. Blue gets kill there, Mr. Blonde escapes by taking a cop hostage, and Mr. Brown picks up Mr. White and Mr. Orange and trying to make a get away in the car. Mr. Brown crashes the car and kills himself while Mr. White shoots up cops and White and Orange head out on foot. They pull a car over and a woman shoots Orange in the gut, then he shoots her. Mr. Pink runs on foot with the diamonds and shoots his way out and steals a car from a person. Mr. White and Mr. Orange are the first to make it to the safe house and Orange is begging to go to a hostile to be taking care of. Even that he as the cops waiting around the corner he needs to wait for Joe to come to the safe house. Mr. Pink is the next to show up and he is pissed off and is sure that it was a set up and is scare of everyone because they are all strangers. Pink and White talk for while about it and just want to find out what happen. During this they end up fighting with one and another and then Mr. Blonde walks in. They stop and start asking him what went on; he tells them that they need to come out to his car for a second. They go and find in Mr. Blondes truck, a cop. They think by beating the *censored* out of this guy he will tell them if it was a set up or not. They beat on him for a while then nice guy Eddie shows up and tells them to move the car outside and get the diamonds. While they are gone Mr. Blonde is left with Mr. Orange and the cop. Mr. Blonde starts cutting up the cop and pours gas all over him and right before he burns the cop, Mr. Orange shoots him dead. Orange and the cop start talking and Orange finds out hat the cop new he was a cop and was keeping his mouth shut. Now nice guy and the other come back to find Blonde dead. They ask Orange what happen he tells them Blonde was going to kill all and run with the goods. Nice guy Eddie kills the cop and tells orange that Blonde was a good friend to him and Joe and can not believe that it is true. Joe come in now and knows that Orange was a cop and it was a set up. White will not let Joe kill him because he does not believe that Orange is a cop. So White points his gun at Joe and Eddie points his gun at White and it is a four-way stand off. White shoots Joe and nice guy Eddie while he is shot too in the gut. Pink get up and grabs the bag and takes off running. You can hear him get shot in the background while White is holding Orange. The cops come in and Orange tells White he is a cop and White shoots him in the head while the cops kill him for shooting an officer.
This story was written then was pulled apart and put back together because that is not the order the movie goes in. Throughout this paper it will go in the order it came in the movie and how photography, mise-en-scene, movement, and editing. The writing comes with the order that the movie is in. Too much happens in the movie for such a short time, it takes a lot to understand.
The movie starts off with the crew in a diner talking to each other about nothing at all. It is just a small round table so they are all facing each other. There are some small arguments over meaning of a song and over the fact of tipping. During this scene there is great use of photography, movement, and editing. Then it goes to the greatest shot ever taken in a movie to the begging credits.
The movements of the camera really add to the mood of this scene. You can hear everyone talking but the camera is focus on their backs and pans slowly from left to right. Then slowly he shows you there faces by seeing them though the crack of to backs together. Then moves to a higher angle but still pans left to right to show you the table. The next shot is outside while they are all walking down the sidewalk the camera stays in position while it pans to follow them walk by.
The photography is also a key part in this shot. During the arguments he uses over the shoulder shot and a lot of eyelevel shots. The lighting is natural because it is during the day and the diner is lit up. The fact he has them all dressed in black suits adds to the movie.

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