Analyzing the Five Levels of Satisfaction According to Abraham Maslow Using the Well Motivated Concept

Published: 2021-09-22 22:25:10
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Motivation may refer to the concept of self driven especially once the element of satisfaction is of a vivid reflection in forms such as rewards and regognition among others. For satisfaction to prevail, motivation should be the fundamental principle to gear it forward. Both organizations and companies should understand the urge of employee motivation in order to increase and count on their performance. In fact, once the employees are well motivated there wil be minimal uncourth behaviors experienced. But instead they will be determined to work without further objections hence, the company’s higher performance. Notably, Maslow’s theory of heirachy of needs is one of the best employee motivation theories to recount on better performance (Bruce & Pepitone, 1999). Maslow laid a concrete emphasis on the five major levels of individual satisfaction under the well motivated concept.
Physiological needs
These are the fundamental units to keep life on the move and they include; plenty water, enough food, clothing and shelter. Once an individual is able to cater for the basics for life then life could be more promising as opposed to the one who does not. Therefore, for any loving and positive minded manager, the above mentioned basics should be given first priority especially to their juniors. They should ensure there is enough food, conditioned housing facilities and availability to clean water for drinking and other domestic chores. Once all these are taken into consideration then the employee will be very active on his or her duties.Safety
Safety from physiological and physical harm should be on a clear focus in order to ensure employees do not experience difficulties while at their work stations. For instance, machinery should be well serviced and proper orientation and skills be provoded to the employees so that to zero-rate on the possible accidents, which are most likely to occur at various work stations. By so doing, the employees feel motivated and yearn to deliver their best thus better performance.
The positive affiliations and attachments especially between employees and their employers should be of the highest degree. The sense of care and respect will always make employees feel at home based on the love they get from the top management and other work mates. The company managers can easily effect on this by treating their employees with due respect and the vertical love, which culd be needed in any viable working environent.
High esteem comes as a result of positive reviews and relations especially between the employers and their employees. For instance, once the manager congratulates a given employee on the well done job then definitely this individual’s self esteem will be escalated to greater heights of success and in return it holds.
Self actualization
According to Maslow, this is the last stage an individual could reach as it serves as the peak of everything. Infact, at this point in life the little basics are not an issue at all and this is because at this pyramid level, power rules it all. An individual settles down to reflect on his or her investiments hence, the high degree of hapiness (Podmoroff, 2005). However, the managers are always advised to motivate employees towards such position in life through giving out examples of self actualized persons in the society and their long serving legacies hence, posing a challenge for all employees towards better performance.

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