Angina and Its Types

Published: 2021-09-13 05:15:09
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Definition of Angina
Angina is pain felt on chest area because of muscle cramps which is more commonly due to not enough oxygen supply at that area, which cause them to survive with terrible pain!
This type of pain can be transmitted to your shoulders and neck-sides, jaw-area or back-area, this type of pain can be correlated with the some sort of feeling of indigestion or heartburn but actually it is not!!Types of angina pain
Sub categorize as three types that are
Unstable Angina
The main reason behind this type of angina is the formation of that culprit clot in a very thin arteries of heart known as coronary arteries ,it is categorized by a very sharp pain while on standing, sitting, eating, walking sleeping or whatsoever you are doing you can feel that ridiculous pain ?
No type of medicine is really helpful in such type of pain! In this type of pain, intensity is increased with the lap of time. No such medication will going to help you this type of pain can lead to Heart Attack!! The only treatment is the removal of that culprit clot from your sensitive coronary arteries it help of surgical procedure such as bypass
Stable Angina
This type of angina is caused because of shrinkage in the diameter of arteries due to many reasons like fat deposition or a clot deposition over the surface area of artery, which make it narrow to pass efficient amount of blood as per requirement :/
this type of pain is much more at its peak when we do some cardiac type exercise or any work which cause our heart to beat faster than its normal beats, so in this case pain can be eradicated by taking a rest or any medication which dilate your arteries such as nitro-glycerine we can also confuse this type of pain with flatulence or heartburn. This pain also spread to arm, back, and neck! The treatment options we go where is angioplasty and stent placement
Variant Angina
This type of pain is because of periodic relaxation and contraction of heart artery, and this type of pain is more prominent when we are resting and on night times or on early-morning hours. This can treated by medications such as Calcium channel blockers and nitrates. This is all about Angina! Hope this is much informative for you guys, if yes then don’t forget to like, share and subscribe ?

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