Are You Suited for a Start-up?

Published: 2021-09-15 18:05:09
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Jaffrey Bussgang’s article from Harvard Business review on “Are You Suited For A Start-up?” basically gives reader an idea on how start-ups work and essential objects to keep in mind while applying to work in a start-up. Author has worked so far in 3 start-ups and is a venture capitalist having investments in many companies and possesses knowledge in how start-ups can turn into successful businesses.
In initial stages of a start-up, roles and jobs of employees are vague because they have lots of objects to complete to establish the start-up in market with generally less budget in hand. That is why start-ups look for employees who can take initiatives and work in different divisions like marketing, product development and sales etc. These jobs are full of critical thinking, creativity, development but comes with great responsibility as well because your actions can have impact on the functioning of a start-up positively or negatively, direct or indirect depending on your role.Author here gives three advices to keep in mind before choosing to work for a start-up.

Manage Uncertainty- Start-ups can be very unpredictable at times. Sometimes employee’s roles, responsibilities can be very vague because the team works as one and move towards achieving the common goal.
Push the limits- Look for solutions to the problem rather than questioning and settling.
Think like an owner- In start-ups you need to think like an owner. You can’t really rely on others to do your job it like it happens in big corporations.

Next big thing is choosing the right corporation. Firstly, find your true passions, brand you would like to work with. After selecting the role you need to find the place where lays the most opportunities and right stage of the company. Author refers to a road building metaphor for broader and clear understanding. You need to define where you would like to work and then go for companies that are in seed-stage, funding stage or well established. Selecting a worthy company will play a pivotal role in your corporate success and growth. To work in a winning organization, go after VCs, angles and ask for best star-ups to work in and generate a list.
After selecting a list of Start-ups, it’s time to impress and sell yourself for acquiring the job. Getting in touch with the key employers, be friends with them. Ask about the position. Get your networking game strong to get an interview for your desired start-up. VCs and investors are also a good medium to get your resume on the desk of their portfolio companies. Before the interview, go through the company site and dig as much information as you can. Learn their operating design and suggest some improvements on their work as add-ons. Make sure you portray yourself as someone who adds value to the company.

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