Arthur Penn’s Bonnie and Clyde. Film Review

Published: 2021-09-18 02:05:08
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Bonnie and Clyde is the most famous couple of the criminals in human history. Their names are used to refer to any criminal activity of lovers. They can be compared with later Sid and Nancy, as Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are also romanticize, they are presented in the mass consciousness as a model of love, commitment and freedom.
The decisive role in creating positive images of Bonnie and Clyde, of course, played this film. Arthur Penn shows us this couple as two lovers (both in each other and in adrenaline) with unlimited thirst for freedom, but at the same time with their purely human problems and important principles. They do not kill without a special need. The shot in a person occurs only when that person is a police officer, trying to grab the elusive robbers. The servants of the law, in the imagination of Bonnie and Clyde, are that obstacles of freedom that prevent them exist in a pleasure. Even in the case of people in the form of shots really occur only in response to shots like the defense measure. The couple is responsible for shooting and meet in peace time policeman carried his feet unharmed, except that only a little humiliated. I can also note that the filmmakers as well flattered by this Bonnie and Clyde, making of them in the movie perfect beauty, while in the life of famous criminals could not boast such an impressive appearance. Again, this was another step in the history of romanticism in history as the appearance of real prototypes can remember not all. Bonnie is associated primarily not with the Bonnie Parker, and with a stunning Faye Dunaway, while Clyde with the owner of the most that neither is admirable smile Warren Beatty, while Clyde associated with Hollywood actor Warren Beatty .
Also, I cannot forget about the secondary actors… At that time there was no such that the secondary actors feel left out, because the actors were doing their work with pleasure, completely surrendering to work. C. W. Moss was the first criminal accomplice of the company. He ran from it all, he was scared after, but one cannot ignore the fact that he loved and Bonnie and Clyde. Therefore, he longed to return to them, even if it meant imminent death. Buck Barrow was the elder brother of Clyde. He is one of the first who understood what they are, but he did not even bother to hide it in full laughed and enjoyed life, though even the hardened criminal. His wife, played by Estelle Parsons, was like an innocent lamb among wolves, but still did not go away from the gang. She stood out from the gang, she caused a pity, misunderstanding, what she was doing there. That’s why, perhaps, she was awarded the “Oscar”.
In addition, the plot is constructed so that the main robbers doomed, the viewer has no choice except to regret them. Although, it is clear that they are at the very beginning consciously chose a fast life with the death at the end, instead of the usual boredom monotony of everyday life. Simply ingenious solution in the final stage is the last look at each other, which is stunningly played Faye and Warren and containing in self all possible sincerity of these two.
Summing up, I want to say that despite the ease of the original perception, the film is deep and allows you to think deeply. No, not that is better: bandit life or worldly. Rather, it allows to think about things more important or, if you will, urgent; about freedom, about her volatile mood. The film does not justify or accuse. The director presented to the audience the story. He presented not a film, namely history, even retouched, but the present. That is not always the dream and its implementation in line with our ideas about it.

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