Assignment of Personal Working Experience

Published: 2021-09-29 15:15:09
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I have been working Tim Hortons from last two months. I love most of my staffs and customers. I actually enjoy my some parts of development although there was sometimes that made me sad. Till now, I have got lot of knowledge and experience regarding different country, about different culture, behaviors and so on.
I am from India and now I am in different country, so there is a huge difference between language of this country and in India. I am not habitual to speak English in my daily life but now I have to get used to it. There are sometimes when I get in problems just to make understand others that what I want to convey.One of the experiences that I want to share is about my communication level. Managing with the customers is also a part of getting different experience. Some of the customers come consistently and I could remember their orders very well which they respect and it helps both the customer and employee to feel amazing about their association and the compliments they gave are always amazing to make someone feel confident. For example, Two weeks ago, I was working on a front counter and taking orders. All orders were going well but things get messed up with one of the customers, as I was taking his wrong order because of his speaking and he was getting irritated when I was saying to repeat his order again and again. So, I called my manager to help me out from that situation and she helped by taking the order of that customer and happily treated me as well so that I should not feel embarrassed. I can say that sometimes it can be difficult to deal with customers who are not in good mood or having a rude behavior but having a co-workers and managers who make you feel like friends can help you in a positive way. For me, Tim Horton’s is a great place to work because it teaches us responsibilities of the workplace like cleaning, stocking, and etcetera. Therefore, good communication level, flexibility at workplace, friendly behavior and good comfort zone for employees will helps us giving experience for the future jobs. Feedback is always important for each and every assignment whether it is from professor or your classmate. One of my friends Inderjeet Singh, has suggested some recommendations based on my experience. He told me to increase the level of competitiveness for myself as it will always help to achieve success and to expand at different levels. Always try to make sure that you are doing your job well.
As a manager or supervisor it is important to understand we can’t control anyone’s behavior or their actions. Managing angry or irritated customers is always a difficult circumstance. Immediately, stay calm constantly and attempt to ask customer that how we might help them. Never battle with customers who are frustrated. The customer needs to be understood well, try to make an eye-contact with the customer. There should be a co-ordination and cooperation level between employees and manager. Developing a good bond between co-workers will be helpful for the association. Manager should always try to handle the situation that does not make any of the employee fell incompetent and no matter what, co-workers should not take any of the situation personally. As a manager, I will always try to make my attitude as I am there to help the customers and my colleagues.

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