Attaining the Goal: the Journey once Again

Published: 2021-09-11 19:50:09
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A university graduate, having studied a Bachelor of Commerce and specialized in Banking and Finance unknown to me, a sturdy journey awaited me. I graduated way back in October 2014, stayed for about nine months outside hustling, and on 8th June 2015 secured a contract job with a Farmers Sacco as a salesman. Despite this, the urge for new things, I had passion for joining the Military as an officer, and while I was still working in the Sacco, I was lucky to join the military as General Service Officer (GS) Cadet. Lucky enough my application went through, and I was shortlisted, later went for selection and I managed to go through the interviews and the selection board. After successful selection exercise, I was among the few who joined the Kenya Military Academy (KMA) for cadet training.
Life in KMA was not easy for me; I remember as a junior cadet, I had a hard time as I tried to adjust to the system. When I reported to KMA on 12th October 2015, I weighed 82 kgs, and which earned me my nickname ‘Manager’. In the military I realized from one point to another double up was the language, I strained a lot and I could sweat a lot even moving a short distance. I remember our first Physical Training (PT) exercise which was recruit PT, it wasn’t easy for me as the excruciating exercise in addition to the pressure from fitness instructors, my huge and heavy weight deprived me body flexibility. It came to a point where I was overwhelmed, I could not sustain myself anymore, I sustained many injuries, especially on the knees and despite all this, the fitness instructors could not hear my cry but instead they pushed me even harder. The anguish for me that day is reflective on hopes for the days to fly and finish training.A lot of fatigue followed, sleepless nights, and hard work throughout the night. Many times, we could not sleep at all; I had no mobile phone so I could not even communicate with people at home. Things were becoming harder and harder, a lot of body aches due to fatigue. Hunger took the better part of me as we overworked all through at the same time resting was limited. Days went by, after a period of about three months, I had reduced a lot weight. I reduced from 84 to 68 kgs. I had physically changed both in size and in appearance. When we got our first break in June 2015, people at home especially my relatives were in shock when they saw me, I had changed physically and they could not believe their eyes. Life in the Military was never easy; notwithstanding I adjusted to the military system and life.
One thing that was clear to me was never to give up. I came to learn later that everything we underwent was very objective and relevant and it was meant to prepare us for future tasks in this noble career. Military has imparted a lot in me, and changed me positively to be the person I am today. I feel humbled to thank my instructors and the KMA fraternity for whom they have made me to be, a military Officer.

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