Avoid These Brain Draining Toxins

Published: 2021-09-15 12:30:10
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Greetings from Dr. T: Last week we discussed some great superfoods for feeding your brain. But what about all the brain draining toxins lurking out there? Brain toxicity is a major factor in the development of neurodegenerative diseases. Today, there is no shortage of neurotoxins in our air, food, water, and products. Here are four of the major chemicals you should consider taking steps to remove from your families’ lifestyle and diet.

Fluoride: Fluoride’s ability to damage the brain is one of the most active areas of fluoride research today. Over 300 studies have identified fluoride as a neurotoxin. Fluoride is associated with brain damage, especially when coupled with aluminum excess or iodine deficiency. It has been show to reduced intelligence and cause learning disabilities, neurobehavioral deficits, and impaired fetal brain development.
Aspartame: Toss this artificial sweetener. Study after study confirms that aspartame can damage the brain and central nervous system, as well as being carcinogenic. Aspartame is an excitotoxin, triggering a brain inflammation cycle that may play a critical role in the onset of Parkinson’s disease and other brain diseases.
Gluten: With increasing recognition among medical professionals and the public alike that the health of the gut and brain are intimately connected, the idea that gluten can damage your brain is beginning to be taken more seriously. Neurotoxicity is one of gluten’s primary health-damaging effects. In fact, gluten can do harm to the brain even if you have no intestinal symptoms. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry identified a “new syndrome” within the broader array of so-called “gluten related disorders (GRD),” which the authors called “hyperexcitable brain and refractory celiac disease.” Gluten ataxia is an autoimmune condition in which gluten triggers the immune system to attack and damage the cerebellum. Other studies document a wide range of gluten-related neurological symptoms ranging from epilepsy to memory loss and even psychosis. Years ago, wheat was different. Today, the hunger to mass produce and quick grow wheat has increased its gluten levels and in general played badly with nature. Try some other grains on for size and taste how good bread is made with brown rice flour, teff, amaranth, and more.
Heavy Metals: Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and aluminum may be a significant factor in the development of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and other brain diseases. Prevention translates to such simple terms as stop cooking food wrapped in aluminum foil and switching out your old amalgam dental fillings and replace them with porcelain ones. Amyloid is an abnormal protein that is produced in bone marrow and can be deposited in any tissue or organ. Researchers at Emory University showed how metals bind to amyloid proteins in the brain to produce neurotoxicity. Evidence suggests that aluminum can promote the formation of beta-amyloid plaques, increases oxidative stress and brain inflammation, and accumulates in the regions of the brain most prone to the biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease. Inorganic mercury has been shown to cause the same biochemical hallmarks as Alzheimer’s. Evidence also exists for a link between lead exposure early in life and dementia later on. These simple steps can help you on your personal road to wellness. Have you been considering taking the BrainSpan test? The BrainSpan test is normally $199 but through August 31, 2018, we are offering the special price of only $89. Call and schedule an appointment for your BrainSpan test today!

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