Benefit of Travelling

Published: 2021-09-13 07:50:12
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Benefit of travelling Travelling is man’s instinctive behavior. He has been travelling since times immemorial to search for food, to scarcity his curiosity, to explore new lands and to enjoy himself. Travelling offers tremendous opportunities for fun, adventure and discovery. It provides a welcome change of place and freedom from boredom and stress. It brings people of different culture, religions and nations together and thus helps them understand each other’s customs, traditions, beliefs, heritage and lifestyles. This leads to greater international understanding, tolerance and world peace.
The greatest condition of travel, however, is the economic prosperity it brings. It generates employment, promotes business, trade , art and industry, particularly transport and hospitality. It is the major source of income for many countries including India. Travelling increase awareness, improve the communication skill, help to experience new things, knowledge about our surroundings. it is the way we can interact with various people. Thus, there are many benefits of travelling for individuals, professionals, cultures, countries etc. So, pack your explore the bags and world Undoubtedly travelling is a great teacher. According to Augustine, the world is a great book, of which they who never stir from home read only a page. It is a well established fact now that travelling gives a character to our knowledge. While travelling we have firsthand knowledge about the place we are travelling. We actually see the place with our own eyes, and its memory stays with us throughout our life. For example reading about Ooty may be entertaining and appealing, but visiting Ooty in person will surely be thousand times more entertaining and gratifying. Standing on the tallest peak Doddabetta, roaming in the botanical garden, boat ride in the Pykara lake, visit to tea and coffee plantations, etc will fill you with ineffable thrill.
Traveling is wonderful in many ways. As we travel we meet more new people, cultures, and lifestyles. With all the newness in our life, we are also opened to new insights, outlook, perception of the world and living, which often gives us a new purpose for our lives.
While travelling, we have to be prepared for unplanned emergencies and schedules. We have to make arrangements for our travelling, lodging and boarding. This makes us more organized and self-reliant.

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