Benefits and Medicinal Importance of Kiwifruit

Published: 2021-09-29 22:05:11
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What is Kiwifruit?
Kiwifruit also known as Chinese gooseberry,which is found in genus of Actindia, is a fruit that grows on vines and has many cultivated varieties. Mainly it has been produced in China for centuries but,currently the commercial growth has spread to countries like United States, Chile, France, Italy, Greece and Japan. The fruit when ripe is in light brown colour and the seeds are of purplish to black, while its shape is like that of a hen’s egg. Kiwi Fruit grows on a dioecious vine that can achieve length of up to 10 metres. As far as the taste of the fruit goes,it has sweety juicy taste and has a unique flavour for the taste buds and because the taste resembles gooseberry, it is also called Chinese gooseberry.
Nutritional Benefits: (Nutritional value is given as per 180 gm sliced fruit) Kiwifruit can also be called a superfood due to presence of following nutrients: Water: The water kiwifruit contains amounts to 149 gm and can be used as a source to fight dehydration.Energy Content: Kiwifruit contains high amounts of energy of around 459 Kilojoules. Carbohydrates: Another important building block of body is carbs,is present in the fruit at some 20. 30%. Sugars: The sugar content of the fruit is 16. 18 gm, following are the types of sugars that are present: Sucrose Glucose Fructose Maltose Galactose Protein: As one of the main building blocks in the body,the protein count in kiwifruit stands at some 2. 05 gm. Fiber: The amount of the soluble fiber in the kiwifruit is at 5. 4 gm.
Minerals: There are multiple minerals found in kiwifruit,though at minute amounts but help body in numerous ways.
The minerals found in the fruit are: Calcium Magnesium Iron Phosphorus Potassium Zinc Copper Manganese Vitamins: There are trace amounts of multiple vitamins found in kiwifruit,which are: Thiamin Riboflavin Niacin Vitamin B9 Vitamin C Beta-Carotene Vitamin K In addition to these essential nutrients, kiwifruit is loaded with Lipids, Amino acids, Flavones and Flavanols.

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