Bigotry – the Everlasting Problem of America

Published: 2021-09-15 07:20:10
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Category: Discrimination, Violence

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Bigotry is the everlasting problem of America no matter what shape it holds. There are solutions that are not immediate, but will work eventually when executed correctly. To have students grow up as positive people will result in an absence of hate. Also, for the adults who already have a fixed mindset on a certain group, it can only be changed with increased punishment. Abolishing bigotry will be the key to many problems in the world right now.
An organization that will focus on turning high schoolers away from hatred will reduce the number of hate crimes in New Jersey. When people are used to a diversity of personalities and traits, interacting with people different from them is a normal occurrence and things like hate crimes and judging others differently will never come to mind. To solve this problem of a misunderstanding of others, an organization could be created to support this cause. This group can go around the schools of New Jersey to teach high schoolers that one man is not much different than anyone else or that one man is not better than anyone else. They would focus on areas where hate crimes tend to be higher than others, but that wouldn’t mean the other areas would be ignored. This is because the high schoolers today will be the influences of the world in a couple of decades. Also, 15.4% of the hate crimes from 2004-2015 are committed by 17 year olds and younger. This may not seem like a big number, but it is still a lot of people. The members of this organisation would be volunteers who have had experience supporting others and someone who works well with teens. To support this organization, taxes would have to be raised. However, I think the investment is worth it to pay a little extra tax to save countless of lives from hate crime abuses and murders. Not only will this organization for peace influence kids into a better future, but also unite the NJ society as a whole.Harsher punishments must be implemented to prevent a repeat of the past. Currently, a hate crime in NJ will raise the severity of the crime by one degree. And while they are in there, it would be foolish to believe that every single one of them will be crime-free for the rest of their lives. A study shows that 40% of ex-convicts just go right back to jail for another crime after their release. I would rather have a sentence of a minimum of 30 years and up to a life sentence for hate crimes. This increased punishment will have two affects. One is a stronger message to prisoners to not commit any more hate crimes; the other is a warning to the people who still have not committed any hate crimes. The percentage of ex-convicts returning to jail would decrease, and there would be a reduction on hate crimes in general.
With teenagers growing up to be positive influences and hate crime punishments getting raised, bigotry will be less of a problem. And when bigotry does become a minor problem, the United States will have unity and acceptance towards others. Abolishing bigotry will be extremely hard, but will not be impossible.

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