Buddism and Policies of Ashoka

Published: 2021-09-29 21:55:09
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Ashoka’s policies were affected heavily by his religion after the Battle of Kalinga where he lost around two hundred fifty thousand men (soldiers and civilians) and he felt like it was his fault. Although he was heavily influenced by Buddism that does not mean Buddha would agree with everything he did.
I personally think Buddha would have not agreed with his philosophy that for people to accept Buddism to create a unified people. Buddha was all about moral integrity and he probably would not like the fact that he tried to push out other religions even indirectly. Ashoka built sandstone pillars that promoted living a moral life which can be a deterrent for people of other religions to stay because they might feel like they are not welcome. Buddha would definitely not agree with these things Ashoka did but, Ashoka did do a lot of good things that Buddha would agree with. Ashoka did have a lot of points where Buddha would agree with as in his view on honesty, purity, and goodness to others. Ashoka did feel remorse directly after the Battle of Kalinga where over two hundred fifty thousand people died. He wanted to make it up to the people and the families he had devastated. When he converted to Buddism he wanted the suffering to stop for everyone and he would regret the way he originally acquired his land. Buddha would agree with Ashoka when he feels remorse on the way he did get his land. Ashoka placed the monuments he made sure that the message would get around and spread around. The monuments that I can not determine if Buddha would have agreed or disagreed with they do spread a message and promote living a moral life but, at the same time, it could be off-putting toward the people who are not Buddist and could cause unnecessary grief which would go off the middle way.In all, I think the majority of what Ashoka had done Buddha would have agreed with their own differences here and there. Wher Buddha never wanted anyone to be uncomfortable to where Ashoka put up forty foot high pillars just to show his dedication to the middle way. Ashoka was a changed man after the Battle of Kalinga where so many lives were taken, but with his change of heart and dedication to Buddism so many lives were saved where they could have had a militaristic ruler that only worried about taking land and never about his people.

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