Bursting the Legend Attached to the UK Student Life

Published: 2021-09-15 00:40:10
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There have been so many legends associated with the student life in the UK. The legend have been circulating around for as old as the universities. For better or for worse the legend about student life in the UK has been circulating since the medieval era. Even today students are criticized for being too late and careless. Many students are even criticized for being drunk. Even though there still hasn’t been a lot changes in the situation but the recent generation of youngsters have helped changed and reversed this image. starting from the oh so clichéd resemblance of broke students living on baked beans and tea along with the very common disappointment that not every university is Hogwarts and last but not the least the not so funny joke about the unemployment of graduates. These might be the things you’ll consider before choosing to stay in London for studies. But none the less the United Kingdom is one of the finest place for students to get education from get a degree from regardless of what everyone else says. Let us burst the bizarre legend that’ll help you make a wise decision.
Student’s reason of existing: nightlife:Students in the UK are very infamous for enjoying an extended night life and having fun while doing it all the way. But that’s not the only thing to look forward to enjoy. There are many other activities that the students can adopt in order to socialize. If you’re someone who does not enjoy night clubs and the typical night life then there various other options that you can choose in order to socialize. Some of which includes low key spots like bars pubs and cafes. While many universities organize events like exhibitions concerts fayres that you can take part in and meet a lot of new people. There are other many thing happening on-campus that you can get yourself involved in things like radio station to sports and newspapers. UK has also introduced an alcohol free accommodation so that each and every student can feel included and they even host alcohol free events.
Fresher’s week is not as much fun as it looks like:
Fresher’s week is the time where new students get to intact and make friends with one another. Fresher’s week takes place just before the start of the term. It is that time where students get to go to the parties and have so fun and socialize with one another and work on settling into their accommodation. But fresher’s week can also be very overwhelming especially for the international students who have trouble moving in with or adapting the new lifestyle. It a great opportunity to enjoy your new found freedom. Plenty of people enjoy fresher’s week but it is very important to keep in mind that not everyone is the same. There might be many students who aren’t very familiar with such sort of activities and might feel overwhelmed by it. It’s very important to respect that and not make fun of such fellow students. Be nice a welcoming not clue and rude. Don’t ever be a bully. And one thing to always keep in mind is that don ever be afraid to ask for help and support.

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