Characteristics of Brigham Young University

Published: 2021-09-10 07:35:10
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Brigham Young is famous for his quote, “This is the right place.” He is also famous for the founding of Brigham Young University. This is a school that combines LDS religion and college education. The founding of this school was an important event in Utah’s rich pioneer history.
Brigham Young University was established by Brigham Young, president of the LDS Church, on October 16, 1875 (History of BYU). The school’s original name was Brigham Young Academy. In 1903, the name was officially changed to Brigham Young University (History of BYU). In the early years of the academy there were a number of setbacks, involving money and growth of the school. However, with help of Abraham O. Smoot, Mayor of Provo and president of the BYU trustees, the Brigham Young Academy recovered and flourished.As a new settlement in Utah, Provo was in desperate need of an educational resource. BYU was founded in order to fill those needs and the need the Mormon pioneers felt for the gospel in all things. BYU has continued to satisfy these necessities to this day. President Brigham Young once said to academy principal, Karl G. Maeser, “Brother Maeser, I want you to remember that you ought not to teach even the alphabet or the multiplication tables without the Spirit of God. (History of BYU)”
Brigham Young University was named after Brigham Young for many reasons. Not only did he found the school, but he went through many hardships as the leader of the Mormon religion. In order to bring the LDS people here, away from the prejudice they were suffering, he moved an entire population in covered wagons across a gargantuan expanse of land. “Traveling through the winter brought many hardships. Six hundred people died of illness and disease. Among the dead were two of Brigham’s wives. Worn down by long, hard work-days, Brigham, too, fell ill.”(Sanford and Green 23) He was very courageous nonetheless, and never stopped working. He himself said, “I was so gritty that I always tried my best.”
BYU has now grown into one of the best schools in the United States. They continue to uphold all of President Young’s expectations for the school. In fact, almost every Tuesday at 11 a.m. BYU offers a campus-wide devotional, a spiritual message where students, faculty, staff, administration, and visitors are invited to attend (History of BYU). BYU is also known for a large, clean, and beautifully landscaped campus (History of BYU).
BYU faithfully served others in the past and continues to do so. This school will surely remain a school true to the gospel and Spirit of God as President Young wished. For any of those who are unsure as to whether they are going to continue their education or not, this school will always be a worthy option.

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